OEM Technology & Partnerships


Gary McCauley


July 22, 2019

As businesses look to cut costs, IT integration is taking off. This means using OEM technology and partnerships that allow businesses to use the services of companies that are working together to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient IT solutions possible. It can benefit lots of different kinds of businesses for a wide variety of reasons.

When purchasing IT products, whether that’s hardware or software, you might come across the phrase ‘OEM technology’. It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and it relates to the kinds of partnership-based solutions described above. We’re going to look at these in more depth and discuss why they matter and what you need to understand about them. Keep reading to find out more.

OEM Technology

OEM Partners find customers by offering various companies a personalized software solution that can be embedded within their products. It’s the level of customization that makes them stand out because the properties sold can be tailored in a way that meets the needs of the business and what they can do for customers. OEM Technology can be incorporated in a variety of ways depending on the client’s needs.

For example, some businesses choose to use OEM Partnerships to gain better insight into what they’re doing with IT and how their day to day actions are paying off. This can be delivered in the form of analytics, and with things such as cloud-based or hybrid analytics, OEM Partnerships can be used to gain as much insight into that data as possible. And it doesn’t matter what their IT capabilities are.

In the example provided above, the kind of analytics technology that’s embedded can be used to ensure the insights provided are tailored to the specific needs of the company. Every company has different needs and wants to focus on different areas and OEM technology and partnerships make that possible. It’s why many businesses are turning to this option and embracing it.

OEM partnerships

Business Needs are Growing but IT Budgets are Stretched

Another reason why businesses are looking at OEM technology and partnerships is linked to the fact that many businesses simply now have growing needs. That means they don’t have the time nor the resources to take care of everything in-house, even if they might like to. With the right help from an OEM partnership, they can achieve more than they previously thought was possible. That’s why it’s so appealing.

It’s also true that budgets are stretched across the board for many businesses and that’s something that also has to be addressed. Businesses can save money by using OEM partnerships and it’s something that yours might be able to do too. It’s an affordable way to find a personalized solution to the needs your business has. It proves that tailored solutions don’t have to be expensive ones.

By bringing together the twin benefits of saving money and finding solutions that are personalized to the specific needs of the business, it’s possible for companies to benefit in big ways from using OEM technology and partnerships. As businesses grow, these are the kinds of sensible solutions that benefit them most and they don’t require a huge financial investment either.

Where Field Engineer Fits in

Field Engineer is a platform that’s designed to help freelancers connect with companies that need to hire them. So, if you’re looking to hire people to carry out particular kinds of work for your business on a freelance basis, this is the place that you should head to. All of the work is agreed upon between the company and the freelancer before work even begins, which is definitely a good thing for everyone.

From there, communication is smooth and easy, and the business hiring the freelancer can track their progress as they carry out remote work on the task for the business. Every stage of the process is made simple and straightforward thanks to the Field Engineer platform because it has been designed with the specific needs and requirements of users in mind. 

If you’re looking for people to partner up with and create OEM partnerships with, it’s something that Field Engineer can definitely help you. Don’t hesitate to explore the platform in more depth and see what kind of benefits it can bring for you and your business. Getting started and posting job orders is very simple so you’ll no doubt have the hang of it very soon.

Business Benefits from OEM Technology

How Businesses can Benefit from Well-Implemented OEM Technology

There are plenty of ways in which businesses can benefit from well-implemented and integrated OEM technology. As mentioned above, it provides them with a way to meet their needs as their business grows, but it also offers a cost-effective path to meeting those needs at the same time. Those are the two things that tend to matter most to small business owners when they're looking for benefits and solutions such as these.

Every business needs to make use of cost-effective products when they can and OEM partnerships make that possible. For example, Field Engineer has helped businesses cut costs by 60%. This happens because you’re benefiting from the economies of scale that often apply in these situations. You can also be sure of the high-quality goods or services you’re receiving because they’re backed up by companies with good reputations and high standards.

When using things produced by external companies and incorporating them into your products and designs, you might worry about copyright, but you don’t have to with OEM partnerships. That’s part of what makes them great and so suitable for companies like yours. Instead, you simply keep all trademark rights and intellectual property rights you had before. You’ll likely receive an overall efficient service, so what’s not to like?

As businesses look to save money and benefit from what good technology systems can do for them, more and more are turning to OEM technology and partnerships. It allows them to save money and still meet their technology needs. Experience the benefit of cost-effective business solutions. Reach out to Field Engineer to discuss your company’s OEM needs.

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