Growth of Distributed Teams in Technology


Syed Ali


July 18, 2019

Distributed teams are one of the many trends emerging in the technology industry right now. If you’re operating in that industry, you need to understand what this means and why it’s happening. There are many explanations, as well as a range of implications that can’t be ignored.

The growth in distributed teams is changing how tech companies function and how workplaces are organized. We’re going to talk more about what distributed teams are, why they’re on the rise and what the benefits of them are below, so read on to find out more. 



What is a Distributed Team?

A distributed team is a unit of people that works together in sync, even as they span several cities, countries and time zones. They can use the power of modern communication technology to stay in touch and work together functionally, regardless of the locational barriers that may be in place.

It’s a great way of bringing together remote talent from around the globe. It’s not always possible to have all of the best professionals together in one place working in the same location. Distributed teams allow tech companies to use the best professionals regardless of their geographical location. 

Why They’re on the Rise Right Now

With businesses looking to grow and cut costs at the same time, using distributed teams makes sense. It allows companies to reduce their in-house costs and to operate their workplaces in more streamlined ways. At the same time, they’ll actually be improving the overall quality of the talent at their disposal.

It’s a win-win situation for businesses. And another reason why these working arrangements are on the rise right now is that they’re feasible and functional in a way that wasn’t the case until quite recently. That’s definitely a significant factor that can’t be overlooked or ignored.

The Tech Industry is Growing and Demand for Professionals is Rising

The fastest growing industry right now is the tech industry, and it’s one that requires plenty of experienced pros working in it. In many ways, technology is a battlefield for top talent. Businesses need access to specialists with specific skill sets in order to grow and improve. With demand on the rise, it makes sense that distributed teams are growing in the technology sector.

Companies need to assemble highly talented teams and the demand for certain professionals is huge. This means that talent needs to be sought out and exploited from all over the world and the best and most innovative tech companies can no longer afford to confine their hiring practices to one city or even one country in some cases. It’s expected that 60% of the workforce will be remote by 2024.

The Benefits of Working in Distributed Teams

There are many varied benefits associated with working in distributed teams. If you’re an employer and it’s something that you’re thinking about at the moment, it’s important to understand what makes this kind of working appealing. Read on to find out about all that.

Benefits of Working in Distributed Teams

Gain a Competitive Edge

For many businesses, the main reason for turning to distributed teams is a desire to get ahead. Gaining a competitive advantage is something that every business wants to do and using distributed teams can certainly make that happen.

All business owners want to get ahead and find ways of getting an edge over the competition. And if you can cut costs while improving outcomes, that’s definitely going to help with that. It’s become clear that the tech companies willing to innovate in ways like this gain a competitive advantage over their rivals in the industry.

Access the Best Talent Worldwide

As mentioned above, it’s not always possible to bring the best people together in one place, especially when your team has diverse needs. That’s when it becomes necessary to search further afield and reach out into other countries where the top talent might be located.

There’s a whole world of talent out there so makes sense to tap into it when you want to improve outcomes for your business. There are so many talented people able to help you push your business forward and they could make up your distributed team.

Work More Efficiently with Less Wasted Time

With a dynamic distributed team, everyone knows how to work together and all bases are covered. Each person knows what their role is and they understand how to slot into the wider team. Each person should understand the importance of good communication too. Get all those things right and the team will operate more efficiently.

Wasted time can be a real source of trouble for many businesses, but you shouldn’t let it become one for yours. With a strong distributed team full of the right talents, everyone should be on their game and there’ll be no need for wasted time. That’s the way it should be for your business. 

Keep Everyone Happy by Maintaining Flexibility

Distributed teams tend to work much more flexibly than ordinary teams and that’s a definite advantage for your business. By maintaining good flexibility, it’s easier to keep the whole workforce happy, balanced and contented.

Flexible working puts power in the hands of your team and gives them greater levels of responsibility. That’s how it should be because when people are given responsibilities, they up their game and perform better.

Boost Problem-Solving

When a strong group of professionals with great skills is brought together, they’re able to tackle problems in more creative ways. There are always problems to solve when working for a tech company, so anything you can do to boost your team’s problem-solving abilities has to be a plus.

It should be your aim to get everyone working together and solving problems collaboratively. That’s how you can get the most out of everyone and benefit from the power of distributed teams fully.

Distributed teams are more common than ever in the technology industry. That’s no coincidence and it’s a trend that’s only going to increase and expand in the months and years ahead. It’s an option for your business to explore as well if you’re based in the tech industry and want to benefit in the ways discussed above. Field Engineer is a global marketplace for freelance engineers and technicians – a great place to get started in expanding your distributed team today.



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