How Freelancers are Adding Value to the Economy


Gary McCauley


August 22, 2019

If you are running a telecom business, you should consider introducing freelance telecom engineers into your business model. This could catapult your company towards greater levels of success. It may even provide you with the competitive edge you need in a wide market.

But how do you attract the telecom engineers you want to your business? Well, you can start with a freelancing website. The freelance marketplace is filled with talented individuals just waiting to be hired by your business. 

These engineers are qualified, experienced and likely local to your area. To attract them, you need to make sure that you are using these platforms the right way. This means providing great job posts that they can connect with. 

You also need to demonstrate that you value freelancers, understand their importance and have a model that is beneficial to them. 

Communication will be crucial here. Freelancers want to know that they can connect with your company and be provided with clear deliverables for a specific project. They also want to see a time frame and they can work with and potentially have the opportunity of a long-lasting relationship with your business. 



How a Freelance Engineer Supports the Telecom Industry 

Freelancers are providing great benefits to the economy as well as individual businesses. With freelance engineers, telecom companies can get the talent they want for less. There’s no longer a need to hire expensive workers who are essential on full-time staff. 

That’s important because those with skills that are in demand in the telecom industry right now like artificial intelligence or machine learning are expensive. By hiring freelancers, you get to cut traditional costs by 60% and ensure you still get the experts you want. 

It also helps ensure a business can maintain a high level of flexibility. With freelancers, you can opt for a smaller office or avoid the office completely. You will also be able to deliver the solution that clients want too. 

Clients want fast service. Advertising freelance jobs for IT engineers, you can hire the team you want who are local and able to deliver an excellent turnaround. 

Hire Freelancers

Tips for Engaging and Retaining Freelance Talent

Whether you’re looking for experts to complete freelance jobs from home or onsite, you need to make sure you’re attracting the right talent. How do you engage these individuals and ensure they want to work for your business? 

Well, one of the easiest ways is to make sure that you are active on a freelancing platform. These are the tools freelancers trust so you should be utilizing them too. 

Freelancers trust these platforms to provide the support they need and to connect them with the best businesses. While you can try and connect with a freelancer outside these structures, a freelancer may be reluctant to engage this way. 

They like the comfort of knowing disputes can easily be resolved and payments can be protected. Don’t forget, this is beneficial to you too. It ensures a stress-free and easy management option. 

Remember that freelancers are still career driven. They want to find ways that they can grow and advance. So, if you can offer them this possibility, that’s automatically going to make you far more attractive. 

Think about providing support systems and ensuring that you deliver a mutually beneficial relationship. A freelancer would love opportunities where they can learn new skills completing a job or role. 

Ultimately, you need to make sure that you are community-based. You should be taking the time and effort to connect and communicate with freelancers. Ensure that they feel like part of the team and a valuable asset rather than a business tool.

Benefits of Using the FieldEngineer Platform

If you are looking to hire for freelance jobs, you should consider using FieldEngineer. FE provides a range of benefits to an organization that are difficult to rival. This includes:

Hire Field Engineers

  • The easy identification of top talent around the world and local to your needs
  • The ability to hire talent on-demand quickly at a cost that matches your budget
  • The option to pinpoint the engineers with the specific skills you want for a role 
  • The chance to utilize an all-inclusive platform for payments as well as communication and engagement
  • A way to find the right workers you can rely on again and again 

We hope this helps you understand how freelancers are providing big benefits to the economy. Using freelancers, you can grow your business, reach new heights and deliver the ultimate service to clients. 

You just need to make sure that you know how to access this talent and attract them to your business by using the best freelance marketplace.


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