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August 20, 2019 has become a leader in helping businesses across a range of industries to gain access to the Field Services they need. Our global marketplace of qualified and specialist engineers and technicians gives you access to the services and freelance labor you need, allowing you to provide field services that you may not be able to otherwise. Since you can find freelancers across the world through our ever-growing cloud based field service management marketplace, you’re not limited by your own geographical reach. You can focus on the core duties that keep your business profitable while relying on proven experts in carrying out your field services.

However, at, we know that you want to ensure the best possible field services. You don’t want to leave it up to chance. That’s why our platform isn’t just a freelancer recruitment and job posting platform, but a complete field services management platform, as well. You can track, manage, and finalize all of your field services directly from one platform, keeping in close communication with your chosen freelancer throughout.

If your business lacks the capacity for the field services your clients expect, or you’re simply looking for a more flexible and cost-effective way to handle them, then is the platform that you need.

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Field Services

  • Global Smart Hands
  • Break-fix services
  • CPE Deployment services
  • Site survey and readiness
  • SLA based Services
  • Desktop laptop and printer support services 
Field Engineer Field Services

Field Services

Field Services Systems are a crucial component of how IT and Telecom companies coordinate and manage their on-field service operations. From scheduling to dispatching, invoicing, and billing, it enables to optimize your operations outside of the premises, enabling for more efficient services, and the greater profitability and customer satisfaction that can come along with it. provides a field service management tool that allows you to find and manage over 40,000+ freelance field service technicians. No matter where you’re based, you can find, manage, and pay technicians across the world. It’s a more efficient and optimized way of working with freelancers, all from a single dashboard that allows for real-time communication of work orders and status, engineer and work tracking, customer service history and more.

With our field services dashboard, you can plan and execute field service goals with complete order management, financial management, skills management, service contract management, and thorough, effective real time reporting. Your field service business relies on effective communication and management of your field technicians, and our field service system allows for that. 

Global Smart Hands

Smart Hand engineers offer assistance with deployment, installations, troubleshooting, and testing. Global Smart Hands allow you to extend the reach of these services on a global basis. These engineers can help you carry out a range of on-site services, allowing you to focus on core operations. They can provide remote assistance to level 2 and 3 engineers on matters of testing and troubleshooting, allowing you to extend the kind of support you need to anywhere in the world.

Global Smart Hands act as the assistants that your on-site engineers need, providing all of the support that you can, but without having to send your own core team members away for global installations and deployments. They can take care of a range of support services, including assistance, general technical troubleshooting, equipment installations, inventory management configurations, ladder racking, pre-wiring for patch panels, and much more. provides immediate access to a global network of Global Smart Hands that are ready to deploy and provide both the on-site and off-site assistance you need, no matter where you need it.

Break-Fix Services

Not every company needs constant, in-house IT support. Another option, which works on as you need it basis is break-fix services. This is a model of delivering IT support that’s dedicated to providing services when you need repairs and updates primarily. This clear, narrow focus means that you can have a local and freelance workforce ready to help you get your OEM business up and running quickly and cost-effectively. You’re not paying for ongoing services, nor are you handling the costs of managing an in-house IT team.

The flexibility of break-fix services, especially through’s network of highly qualified engineers, means you get the expertise when you need it, and don’t have to worry about them otherwise. You still get the IT support that you need, with professionals ready to respond to crises quickly and to answer any queries that might come up, but you don’t have to pay them otherwise. There is plenty of flexibility in the type of break-fix services you can choose, as well, with different specialists available and the option to choose timeframes for services that work for you.

CPE Deployment Services

CPE Deployment, also known as customer premises equipment deployment, is important to telecom and technology-based value-added reseller businesses. When providing these services, you need to ensure that you have a team of experienced, specialist engineers ready to deploy and to make the equipment installations and services needed at the customer’s premises. From telephones to cable TV boxes to routers and more, can help you find the CPE deployment services you need with the expertise you demand, ready to deploy to customer premises all over the world.

Managing your own CPE deployment with experienced freelancers from means that you can have a more affordable, manageable solution, rather than having to use different services when you buy or hire equipment from different companies. Depending on your needs, there are CPE deployment services that can work with different timeframes, too, from a couple of hours to jobs that require several days of onsite work. can help you find the CPE Deployment Services specific to your needs.

Site Survey & Readiness

Site surveys are crucial for the deployment of any hardware, ensuring that you can collect and understand all data relating to the site of the installation, allowing you to avoid unforeseen disruption and to manage the smoothest deployment and post-deployment operation as possible. allows you access to a global market of specialist engineers who specialize in site surveys and readiness.

These engineers carry out comprehensive onsite surveys, gathering data on network closets, existing cabling, power provisions, HVAC conditions, and needs, as well as what available space there is for new hardware. As such, they can provide detailed instructions on what to do before deploying new hardware, backed up by reliable data.

Our platform allows you to post a site survey & readiness job that a large, global pool of engineers can apply to join, allowing you to survey sites across the globe in advance of your installations and deployments. Read more:


SLA Based Services

SLA based services are based on service level agreements, contracts between service providers and end-users that formalize the level of service to be provided. They set out what the customer expectation can be in exchange for their money, which can include a description of the service, how quickly it will be delivered, how performance is measured, how problems can be reported, escape clauses, constraints and more.

SLA based services can provide a wide range of essential tools for managing and following service level agreements. can help you find SLA based services for cloud service agreements, managed IT services, and telecommunication services. Whatever your requirements, you can use our platform of global on-demand providers to ensure that you’re clearly outlining expectations for work that you rely on and set a minimum standard that your SLA based service providers must perform. No matter where you’re based in the world, our extensive network can ensure you find what you need.


Desktop, Laptop and Printer Support Services

Businesses in almost all industries rely on desktops, laptops, and printers to help them carry out their core operations. As well as helping you find support engineers and technicians for more specialized hardware, can also source the support you need for this most ubiquitous of business equipment.

These support services provide help with a wide range of software and hardware related issues. This can include installation, updates, repair, troubleshooting, and ensuring that your team has the efficient, working tech that they need to get on with their work. Determining what your needs are can help you find the best-suited service providers on

We can provide access to engineers and service providers that work on a variety of arrangements. Managed support providers can ensure ongoing services for business that have more extensive inventories of desktops, laptops, and printers, while break/fix support services operate on an as-you-need-it basis, so you only pay when you need support, repair, and installations, but don’t have to pay ongoing costs.

Data Center Support Services

Data Center Support Services

The IT infrastructure of the average growing business is starting to extend beyond what traditional hardware can provide. Data centers allow for the centralization, organization, and better protection of the data that your entire team can rely on.’s talented pool of on-demand data center support engineers can help data center businesses support and grow their offerings, while they focus on their core operations.

One of the needs they can help with includes colocation, helping business rent physical space, network infrastructure, and internet access within an existing data center. They can also provide network services, helping you establish the integration of data centers into existing networks. Cloud storage data center support services can provide online access to remote data centers for cost reduction and security purposes. can help you find data center support services teams to meet whatever your needs might be. They improve the IT infrastructure for data center clients and ensure effective business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or downtime.


SD-WAN Deployment Services

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined WAN, is a quickly emerging new technology enabling for cost-effective and easy-to-deploy wide area networks. Whether you’re a managed service provider who wants to offer SD-WAN deployment amongst your services or you’re an early adopter of the technology, can help with access to a market of on-demand SD-WAN engineers across 190 countries.

SD-WAN networks allow users to install virtual WAN architecture that allows users, be they clients or internal users from other branches, to access virtual appliances through the internet. SD-WAN Deployment Services can help you deploy new SD-WAN Networks, install physical and virtual appliances, and manage networks, so they remain as efficient and reliable as possible.

Centralized control is a key element of SD-WAN, allowing secure and intelligent traffic and data transmission through the network, meaning better application performance, user satisfaction, efficiency and reduced IT costs. can help you gain access to a global community of SD-WAN engineers that can help you take advantage of this emerging technology.

Cloud Support Services

The Cloud has integrated into almost every facet of how modern business is run. While once available only to enterprise-level businesses, now organizations of all sizes are seeing how utilizing the Cloud can provide reliable backup, data security, and superior operational efficiency, all of them becoming more important in an increasingly digital business environment. can help your business gain access to on-demand Cloud Support business, both internally and for clients that rely on Cloud Services that you provide. Our unique approach, combining a platform for finding the engineers you need with the service management and support functionality all available on a single dashboard, means unparalleled, on-demand support services.

Cloud services are a global market, and the marketplace provides global reach, alongside proven processes in the data center, Cloud, and partner ecosystem technologies. Whether you need help in installing, managing and optimizing your own use of the Cloud, or you need freelance engineers who can help make your own Cloud services more effective and efficient, we can help you find whom you need.

5G Engineers

RF & 5G Engineers provides a global management and field service management tool that allows organizations to connect with a large roster of on-demand mobile and radio frequency technology engineers. They primarily serve in wireless infrastructure, wireless personal area network, general-purpose amplifier, smart energy, and industrial markets.

Amongst our marketplace, you can find a growing number of RF & 5G ready engineers, pioneering new technologies, designing, installing, and improving wireless networks to meet a wide range of needs. The is a leader in providing access to RF & 5G services and continues to excel in connecting organizations in all markets with high quality, qualified and certified engineers.

It’s expected that the majority of network-connected devices will be relying on 5G networks by 2020, and provides access to 5G ready engineers with an understanding of the range of new technologies needed, including LTE Advanced Pro, Mobile Edge Computing, Networking Slicing, and IoT. If you need an RF & 5G Engineer, we can help you find them.


UPS Support & Maintenance

Your USP systems are essential for protecting your core supplies if a power failure or brownout could put them at risk.’s market of qualified UPS support & maintenance service providers can ensure that these devices continue to provide the security that you need throughout the years. Despite their plug and play nature, uninterruptible power supplies are complex pieces of equipment that demand support and maintenance to ensure that you’re left vulnerable by a faulty UPS. allows you to find UPS support & maintenance technicians who can provide routine preventative maintenance that ensures UPS equipment stays reliable, improves their performance, and extends their useful life. Whether you have a UPS is in your own business that needs support and maintenance, or you’re provider of UPS equipment that wants to offer their customers peace of mind and high-quality service, our global network of technicians can ensure that you have access to the support & maintenance you need, all day, every day, all over the world.


Non-IT Devices Support

Besides providing access to engineers who can offer support and assistance with all kinds of specialized IT equipment. can also help you gain the support you need for Non-IT devices. These Non-IT device support technicians can help with hardware support, mobile devices support, and providing assistance for configuration and installation for wireless connectivity on iOS and Android devices.

Even if your equipment, hardware, and devices don’t fall under the umbrella of IT, can still help you gain access to a global market of highly-quality technicians who can provide the support and expertise that you need.

Non-IT devices can cover a wide range of sensor and control devices. Sensor devices include security cameras and energy meters, while control devices include those like environmental control systems, security systems with real-time reactions, and temperature controls that maintain environmental conditions. Besides providing technical support, troubleshooting, and repairs, non-IT device support and also include smart installations that connect these devices to what would be considered a traditional IT system.


IoT Technology

Smart Cities & IoT allows organizations of all kinds to connect with engineers and technicians on the cutting edge of the latest technologies across the globe. This includes engineers qualified in IoT (or the internet of things) technologies used in the creation and design of smart cities.

IoT technology is already growing in use across smart homes and commercial environments, remotely monitoring, managing and controlling environments of interconnected devices. The IoT provides a network allowing these “things” to connect, exchange data, and react to one another. Smart cities are an emerging concept that is using the IoT concept to an even wider extent.

Smart cities use IoT technology to gather, aggregate, and organize information, using data and connected devices to improve living conditions for the city’s inhabitants and businesses. It’s being deployed to monitor and respond to pollution levels, to enable safer traffic control, ensure greater levels of safety and security, and more. allows access to IoT qualified and Smart City ready engineers that can help design and implement these plans across the globe.

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