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What is a Field Services Supervisor?

As well as attending onsite jobs, field services supervisors have a team of field service operatives working under them to ensure efficient responses to any IT or telecommunication issues customers have.

While still needing reliable technical knowledge themselves, a field services supervisor must both hire and train staff members. The role involves working alongside employees to visit customer needs in the field, including maintenance and repairs on a variety of equipment and machinery.

General Field Services Supervisor Responsibilities

A field services supervisor has the same responsibilities as any field services operative, including the need to maintain and repair equipment. As a supervisor, though, they can also expect to face responsibilities including -

  • Supporting a team
  • Coordinating and managing resources
  • Delegating tasks
  • Supervising skill and performance
  • Preparing annual budgets and monitoring expenses
  • Keeping on top of training
General Field Services Supervisor Responsibilities

The Qualifications Necessary to Become a Field Services Supervisor

Becoming a field services supervisor only requires a high school diploma. But, securing a supervisory position like those offered by Ericsson also typically requires two years of experience.

You may also find that certain field services supervisor roles require further machinery certification. And, of course, a driving license is a standard expectation for a career which involves onsite work.

Being a supervisor in any industry also involves a specific skill set. As such, a field service supervisor should have everything from project management and communication skills to organization and a knack for time management.

The Job Outlook for Field Services Supervisors

Supervisory roles like these start individuals on the ladder to various project management roles. Over time, the supervisory experience could also be the thing necessary to see a field services provider taking advantage of the many freelance opportunities coming to the fore.

Even better, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the need for managers is expected to grow 10% by 2026, despite an increasing lean towards remote work.

How much do Field Services Supervisors Earn?

According to Payscale, a field services supervisor stands to earn $40,890 - $87,922 on an annual basis from their salary alone. That’s before you consider things like commission increases. It’s not a bad rate, even for a supervisory role.

If they go about it right, field services supervisors who operate on a freelance basis could stand to earn even more than that. That’s because a freelance supervisor can select the size and pay rate of their team. It’s also possible to earn more by supervising within a variety of different teams this way.

The Best Way to Find Freelance Field Supervisor Jobs?

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By working hard to personally connect companies with freelancers and vice versa, signing up with us is a sure way to both broaden your opportunities and find work fast. And that, in turn, could see your field services supervisor career soaring.

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