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What is a Field Operative?

A field operative is an engineer who works to identify and solve IT and telecommunication problems in the field. Such individuals attend a variety of sites where they work to solve issues in a fast, efficient manner.

Field operatives work with both reactive and proactive problems to ensure ongoing and happy customer relationships. They also often work in larger field-based teams to resolve IT issues.

The Key Responsibilities of the Role

Due to their field-based operations, field operatives face a variety of responsibilities. These primarily include responding to all call-outs in a fast and efficient manner, as well as ensuring the tools necessary to complete the job.

Aside from that, there are a fair amount of health and safety responsibilities. Field operatives needs to be sure they’re acting within health and safety regulations at all times. As can be seen from listings on Ericsson, proper maintenance and care of all equipment is also a vital part of this position.

Necessary Qualifications and Skills for a Field Operative

Field operatives should have at least a BTEC Level 2 or equivalent in IT or telecommunications. A full driving license is also a common requirement due to the need to attend onsite.

Other skills which a field operative is sure to find useful include -

  • Understanding of health and safety
  • The ability to leave sites in clean condition
  • Timekeeping skills
  • Troubleshooting under pressure
  • Working both alone and as part of a team

The more basic skills an individual has, the better chance they have at meeting any job which they encounter within the industry.

Job Outlook and Pay Prospects

According to, the average hourly rate of a field operative was $29 as of April 27, 2019. That said, most professionals earn between $25 and $33 an hour, with rates fluctuating depending on the equipment used and levels of qualification.

Freelancers within the industry are often able to charge a little more due to the use of their own equipment and the need to pay for fuel. The chances of earning a decent amount while freelancing only increase if you have experience within this industry before going it alone.

The general outlook in this industry is positive, with technology advancing at a fast rate, and more on-site repair tasks becoming necessary. By keeping up with the latest advancements and machinery, field operatives could keep operating for a long time to come.

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