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Fiber Optics

Is your Business Ready for a Dark Fiber Network?


Kaushik Bhaumik


March 12, 2019

Most businesses will start off using an internet service provider (ISP) to provide the internet and connectivity needs for their company. However, there can come a point when you consider using something different. A dark fiber network is another possibility if you want an alternative that could offer a number of benefits for your business. Dark fiber is used to refer to fiber optic cable that has been laid, but that isn't being used by an internet service provider. Excess cable is laid to save time and money, and it can then be hired by businesses that want to use it.

How Does Dark Fiber Work?

When you set up a dark fiber network, you will simply be hiring fiber optic cables from internet service providers or phone companies. Instead of paying for the internet service that they provide using the equipment, you hire the equipment itself. The company then no longer controls the cables, so it's up to the person or business that hires them to provide the infrastructure to establish an internet connection.

Why Switch to a Dark Fiber Network?

You might be wondering why you should switch to a dark fiber network instead of sticking with an internet service provider. There are lots of reasons that you might decide to set up a dark fiber network.

Some people decide to use a dark fiber network because they want to benefit from increased bandwidth. If the needs of your business have grown, a standard internet service from an internet service provider might not be able to cater for you any longer. Or you might find that it's getting too expensive to rely on their services. A dark fiber network could be a more cost-effective option that also gives you a better performance.

You might also be looking for a more secure network, and you perhaps feel that sharing a network with other customers from the same internet service provider isn't the most secure option. Using a dark fiber network can help to future proof your network. It provides stability and can help to improve business continuity. It also gives you control and scalability, allowing you to easily grow your network along with your business.

The Benefits of Dark Fiber

Setting up a dark fiber network offers various benefits for businesses that want more from their network. If you're looking for improved performance, a dark fiber network gives you alone the fiber optic cables to use so you can get as much power and performance as you need. Better reliability and less chance of equipment failure are also key benefits because everything is connected point-to-point and maintained underground. Third-party damage to infrastructure that causes outages can be avoided. A more reliable network is essential if your business relies on cloud-based services.

You can also get better control of your costs if you set up a dark fiber network. It gives you the flexibility to set up a network the way that you want it and to scale it in the best way possible for your business. You can grow your network however you feel is best, and there's no limit on how much you can grow it. In contrast, you could feel limited by an internet service provider. You can replace and upgrade the technology that you use to continually improve your dark fiber network. Using dark fiber optics gives you the ability to create a secure and private network. You can carry out high-volume data transfer and optimize the speed of your network.

Creating a Dark Fiber Network

You should be able to set up a dark fiber network in most major cities. The help of engineers who know what they're doing will get your network up and running and can help to maintain it too. For a project such as setting up a network for your business, freelance engineers are perfect. They can help you to carry out the work that needs to be completed, and you won't need to hire full-time staff to complete the project for you. You will also gain some experience with engineers who you might want to use for future projects or who you might have help to maintain your network.

If your network has increasing bandwidth needs, requires high security, or needs to be customized, dark fiber should be on your radar as a smart, affordable, and effective ISP alternative. Field Engineer can provide engineers on demand to help you get started on your project today! Sign-up and post your first job.

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