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Our Professionals Will Assist in Keeping Your Business Network Secure and Stable

A certified fiber optics technician will be on-hand to deal with the installation and testing of specific fiber optic cabling. This type of network cabling is becoming widely used around the world to provide a more secure and stable business network. These technicians can connect various network devices via fiber optic cables, as well as offer extensive maintenance.

At Field Engineer, we’re a global platform that connects businesses with the best fiber optics technicians out there. By using our site, you can post jobs and receive applications from dozens of qualified and skilled candidates.

Let The Talent Come To You

Don’t waste time or money trying to seek out the best certified fiber optic technicians. Instead, let Field Engineer do all the hard work for you. We vet all of the engineers on our site, and we ensure that only the most suitable and qualified ones apply for your fiber optic technician jobs. This means you always find the most talented engineer, without needing to waste money or spend hours interviewing candidates.

Providing a Global Presence

With over 40,000 registered engineers across 180 countries, we help your business gain a global presence. You can use Field Engineer to hire on-demand talent in countries all over the world. This helps to build your presence in different countries, without forcing you to spend money creating infrastructure or offices in these locations.


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Manage Your Workforce

We offer an extensive list of on-the-go mobile management tools that let you take control of your freelance workforce. You are always in command, and it’s effortless to track each job all the way through to completion.

Create your account today if you want access to a wealth of talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team. Our incredible AI will do the rest, giving you instant matches for each specific job.

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