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5 Common Questions about Field Engineer


Kaushik Bhaumik


January 7, 2019

FieldEngineer is a revolutionary, specialized job marketplace. It allows firms that are hungry for talent to find the specialists they need, all through an easy-to-use, low-cost platform.

How Does Field Engineer Work?

Field Engineer is a new way to find the engineers and freelancers you need to do work at your business. Rather than having to take on a new person full-time or hire an agency to do work for you, Field Engineer’s freelance marketplace connects you directly to talented people with vetted skills who can get the job done.

For firms, the process of Field Engineer is simple. All you need to do is sign up to the platform on the web, and then start posting jobs, providing as much relevant information as possible. Once you’ve posted a job, some of the 40,000 engineers and freelancers on the platform will start bidding for the work, along with their star-ratings and reviews from former employers. You then get to select which freelance engineer you want to hire for the job and, following their approval, work can begin right way. The web app is designed to be as simple as possible and provides all the tools you need to make payments, track worker location, and revise jobs as and when you need.

What Kind Of Work Can Freelancers On Field Engineer Do?

Good question: Field Engineer specializes in providing a platform for engineers in the telecoms and computer industry, providing companies with the support they need to keep their systems online and up-and-running, no matter where they are in the world. You can find all sorts of engineers on the platform, from Juniper specialists to those who know how to manage and maintain wireless networks.

What’s The Difference between Traditional Employment and Field Engineer?

There is a reason why many companies now choose Field Engineer to get the talent they need: it provides a far superior employment model to traditional methods. For starters, the platform virtually eliminates search costs usually involved in finding the right people. All you need to do is tell the platform what sort of freelancer or engineer you need, and it will automatically alert relevant people: no need to pay an expensive recruitment agency.

On top of this, there’s the reduced cost that comes from only paying for the work that you need doing. You do not formally hire workers through Field Engineer: instead you select contractors you need on a per-job basis. You get “on-demand” labor, which you stop paying for the moment the work is complete.

Will I Be Able To Find Workers/Engineers Locally?

The great thing about Field Engineer is that it is a global platform. You can find the people you need, no matter where you operate, even if you do business in some far-flung locations. Field Engineer is a platform with more than 40,000 engineers and freelancers operating across more than 180 countries worldwide. Hundreds of companies are already benefiting from the increased flexibility, and you can too. Global businesses, in particular, can rest assured in the knowledge that they can source local talent to help continue their operations.

What Are The Benefits As A Customer?

Here at Field Engineer, the customer refers to the person who hires the engineers. It’s our job to make sure that you find the people you need to drive down costs and secure excellence in your organization.

The benefits as a customer are many:

  • Lower recruitment costs. With Field Engineer, there’s no longer a need to pay hefty agency fees to find the right talent for your organization - it’s all right there on the app.
  • A large pool of talent. Because of Field Engineer’s global reach and large membership, you can choose among a vast array of talented individuals to get the right person for the job. Review their profiles and make a selection based on company criteria.
  • Vetted engineers. Field Engineer doesn't allow just anyone to join the platform: only vetted and qualified engineers make the grade.

What Are The Benefits As An Engineer?

There are benefits as an engineer too:

  • Choose only the hours you work. On Field Engineer, engineers and freelancers retain their independence and can choose which jobs they want to apply for.
  • Great rates of pay. Companies are often willing to provide excellent rates for people who can solve their problems.
  • Better job security. Instead of relying on a single employer, Field Engineer connects freelancers with multiple firms, allowing them to build many relationships and secure long-term income through remote jobs online.

Experience the future of technology with Field Engineer! Signup for free and post your work orders today.

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