What is Wireless LAN Controller, Job Description and Salary?

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We all know how much we all rely on the internet, but how much do you actually know about how you gain access to the internet? Wireless LAN controllers, as well as the people who work on them, are essential to the common, everyday tasks we perform. 

What is a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)?

A wireless LAN controller, or WLC, is used with other devices to help monitor and manage access points in bulk by the network administrator. In tandem with the lightweight access point protocol system, the network operations center can field the monitoring of lightweight access in larger quantities. 

The Cisco wireless LAN controller can configure wireless access points automatically, which simplifies the entire process. They provide a simple solution for managing, configuring, and supporting corporate wireless networks of all sizes and locations. Switching from a standalone Access Point to this kind of system is more functional and efficient. 

What Does a Wireless Lan Controller Do?

The WLC is designed to meet the ever-changing demands placed on wireless networks. It monitors the access points that permit other devices to connect to the network. The WLC takes the bandwidth produced by your router and stretches it to fit the needs of your network. Much like an amplifier for a stereo system, it boosts the signal of the router to allow devices from farther distances to still be able to connect. 

It also gives the network manager the ability to see all the data and information related to the network. You will be able to see the state of the physical ports on the device, the status of the hardware, a summary of the access points connected, and the clients that are connected at any given time. It will also detect any rogue access points and recent traps generated by the controller. FieldEngineer can help you manage and process all this information to make sure you are safe, secure, and working as efficiently as possible. 

Wireless LAN Controller Security Specialist 

If you are interested in technology and have an eye for staying up to date on the latest security measures, then working in the field of security specialist could be a good fit for you. Understanding the wireless LAN controller job description will be helpful when it comes to deciding to pursue a career. 


FieldEngineer hires freelancers with specific qualifications to help fill the expanding need for security specialists. 

  • Experience working with Cisco wireless design and configuration
  • Experience routing and switching with Cisco engineering
  • Experience performing active RF site survey and spectrum analysis
  • Be able to use AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer or Ekahau tools
  • Be able to design and use WLAN applications for secure mobility, guest access in high density, and high traffic WiFi networks
  • Designing and troubleshooting Cisco LWAPP?CAPWAP wireless on a large scale
  • Certification in cybersecurity
  • Very strong problem-solving and analytical skills
Wireless LAN Controller Security Specialist 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Specialist

Since a security specialist will have to analyze network traffic, troubleshoot network performance issues, and design solutions for capacity planning, they need to be highly qualified and have good problem-solving skills. 

You will have to be able to support the clients, but also train them to do some things on their own. Identifying problems and fixing them is the number one issue you will face most often. You will also have to work well with other people since you will work with clients, vendors, and third-party providers. 

Extensive knowledge about VPN, WLAN, and WAN, along with routing and switching, are all necessary. On top of fixing the problems, you will also have to be able to document them and maintain the smooth operating procedures of a network. 

Security Specialist Salary 

The typical annual salary for a Cisco Wireless Network Security Specialist will vary depending on years of experience and location. FieldEngineer helps connect you with potential employers looking for technicians like you, so you can spend your time working instead of looking for clients. The average annual salary is about $57,676 each year for this position. The more jobs you work and clients you service, the more money you can make, so your salary is really up to you!

FieldEngineer and You

FieldEngineer is a great way for new security specialists to gain some more experience and knowledge about working in the field, as well as giving experienced technicians some extra work outside of a regular job. Working as a freelancer is easier when you are connected to potential clients and are given the opportunity to work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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What is Wireless LAN Controller, Job Description and Salary?
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