A network analyst is a general term that best describes to several fields of work related to data communication network and computer systems. They also called as network administrators, network architects, and telecom specialists. The duties they perform are analyzing, configuring, installation, layout and maintenance of the company network, hardware, and systems.

Mostly the network analysts have to work together with programmers, IT department, and designers to design the computer systems and are responsible to train the staff how to use them properly.

Network Analyst is one of the fastest mounting career in the tech industry. They work with different industries and projects like retail, government and healthcare.

Network Analyst Job Description and Responsibilities

The network analyst job is very crucial because they must work for both business side and technical side. They have to identify the problems that arise in the business area and rectify them with technical system based solutions. The essential functions they have to perform are planning, implementation, maintenance, and support.

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The Primary Responsibilities:

  • Network analyst must install, configure and upgrade the system networks to determine that they are functioning properly on a daily basis
  • Analyzing and resolving the technical problems that arises in established system networks
  • Maintain network security, collect and analyze the data to find the issues with efficiency
  • Troubleshooting and fixing the faltering network related connections
  • Responsible to use latest and best technology in developing and designing the network systems
  • Have to perform maintenance and monitoring of the data servers, mail servers, firewalls, routers, anti-virus systems, and security appliances
  • Responsible for safeguarding network and data security
  • Should have extensive knowledge of various applications like switching, routing, spam filtering, web servers, server clustering, VPN, LAN, WAN and many more
  • In crucial times, they must work with vendors to resolve critical network problems
  • Needs to work with teams and work as per the company policies and procedures

Education Requirement & Experience to Become a Network Analyst

The education requirement for a network analyst depended upon the type and complexity of the job; for a low-profile associate degree or any relevant certificate is enough but applying for big organization bachelor’s degree is needed in a field related to computer science and information technology. Master’s degree adds value in the competitive market.

There is no entry level position for a network analyst in any organization. First, they have to work in as an associate, technician, helpdesk or troubleshooter, after getting 3+ experience they will be promoted as a Network Analyst.

Salary for Freelance Network Analyst and Full-time Network Analyst

As network analyst gain experience their salaries tremendously increase over time. The starting network analyst salary is around $14.12 /hr. goes with the median salary of about $20.42 /hr. and highest pay around $28.85 /hr. depending on the experience, skills, and location. For a freelance network analyst, the starting salary goes around $19.79 /hr. and the median salary is about $27.7 /hr. and the highest pay goes around $36.45 /hr., (notes Payscale.com). To hire a talented freelance network analyst please sign up here at Field Engineer

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