WAN Technician

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WAN Technician

WAN Technicians are experts who resolve problems relating to an organization’s wide area network (WAN), whether it be onsite or in the field. They further evaluate existing network systems. Technicians also supervise the maintenance, installation, and operation of a wide area network as well as related computer hardware and software.

WAN Technicians must ensure network connectivity in all sizes of buildings. Technicians further perform the installation of a wide area network’s hardware and software, for the purpose of creating enterprise-wide data communication through the means of an intranet.

Technicians or freelance telecom professionals often work in conjunction with telecommunication companies to make certain that WAN services meet organizational requirements, and they also make sure that service providers can support their organization across all its locations.

The WAN technician helps in the interconnection across the different geographical locations.

Establishments with multiple office blocks use WANs to retain all the buildings connected. WAN technicians are engaged in the connection of network hardware and software in the form of routers to allow enterprise-wide data connection, establishing an organization’s Intranet.

Wide area network technicians’ work with telecom organizations to ensure the WAN service run into the organization’s requests, and to verify service providers can support all sites. The building locations that require to be connected with a WAN might be within a lone region or range across the globe, based on the organization's geographic location.

There are different types of network topologies which are used by the WAN technician.

Bus Network

The Bus network within the WAN setting often covers small topographical locations, i.e., within a particular country. The Bus network is categorized by the hard cabling in which the dissimilar sites on the network are associated with high capacity network cabling.

Ring Network

Here, the network sites are arranged in the form of the ring structure and are similar to the bus topology of the wan network. Technicians use it as the main advantage is that it is economical in nature and easy to add on nodes.

Star Network

In this type of WAN network, the central hub and each site are coupled directly to the cabling hub.

Mesh Network

In this type the technician helps every device fitting to the network is connected to every other device in a mesh creation.

Job Description

Job Description

The technician helps in the planning and implementation of wide area networks including network servers, hubs, routers, workstations, and other peripheral devices. WAN Technicians have the following essential responsibilities

  • To provide administration of local and wide area networks
  • To perform maintenance of physical network components, file servers, desktop computers, laptop, and applications
  • To train users how to use the network
  • To maintain service logs for an internet/WAN and its deployments, based on organizational requirements
  • To design, analyze and implement WANs, and to design cost-effective system configurations that meet organizational requirements
  • To coordinate administration of WANs and PCs with outside IT contractors
  • To establish backup procedures for all desktop computers and laptops
  • To monitor network security
  • To perform network maintenance that will ensure the network functions properly and without significant disruption

The role of the WAN technician is to maintain the application design of network IT infrastructure components to meet business and technical needs. The IT infrastructure may include systems, middleware, database, storage, and network infrastructure. The technician should demonstrate the capability to efficiently identify, test & certify technology platforms, software, and applications.

Educational and Other Requirements

WAN Technicians must have a degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or a related discipline. They further need to have extensive knowledge of networking, backup technology, and WAN security, and they must understand both the software and hardware components of a network. Knowledge of wireless technology is a definite advantage.

Many organizations require that technicians have certifications. Popular ones include


Networking is the essential skill to keep up the business pace of an organization. Following are the essential list of skill one should have to excel in the role of wan technician:

  • Should know about the wide and local area network
  • Good understanding of infrastructure needs and mechanism of wide and local area networks
  • They should be well aware of network operating systems
  • Should be aware of network protocols and diagnostic tools


As per the salary estimate from salary expert, the average salary of WAN Technicians in the United States is $67,177 per year. Additionally, the average yearly bonus is $2,217. Part-time employment can also be a great option, with plenty of rewards that can boost your career. In the Global Freelance Marketplace, FieldEngineer.com offers the best platform for freelance WAN Technicians, where they can achieve maximum exposure.

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