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Computer network technician is also termed as network mechanic because they work in all kinds of the network environment. The whole world is becoming digitalized, the usage of computers is increasing day-by-day in every sector that is the main advantage for computer network technicians to have multiple job opportunities. The job might involve in Information Systems, System Administration, and IT Support. They are responsible for installing, maintaining, and upgrading of computer network systems and resources.

Computer network technicians work with service and development tasks in some companies that manufacture, sell or maintain computers and their equipment’s. They can work as data managers or support in companies that use equipment for production or information.

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What is a Computer Network Technician

A computer network is a set of computers that communicate each other through a communication channel i.e through a server. A network technician is responsible to setup and manages the network for an organization. A computer network technician is an IT professional who builds and maintain computer networks in an organization. They are responsible for setup, manage, upgrade, troubleshoot, repair, and implement computer networks for organizations. They have to perform a number of different tasks and obligations related to the setup and maintenance of various computer networks and ensure that it meets the company requirement.

A network technician is also responsible to select the hardware and software equipment for the company. An efficient computer network technician must able to determine a suitable design for a particular computer network, and able to install each computer component and ensuring that all parts of the computer network are compatible with each other.

Computer Network Technician Job Description

The job role of a computer network technician is to collaborate with IT Support, System Administration, and Information Systems of an organization to solve the hardware and software problems.

The main job responsibilities are as follows

  • Create and maintain computer networks for an organization
  • Setup, maintain and repair technological network equipment, such as routers or other devices
  • Perform regular system upgrades to ensure systems remain updated
  • Install and configure different computer network applications to maintain smooth operations
  • Setup routers and network that connects multiple computers with each other
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot the different computer network issues to run the systems smoothly
  • Keep an organization network safe through regular checks in software security updates
  • Keep records of repairs and fixes of computer network systems for future reference
  • Good control of network management and network architecture
  • Able to work alone or with team of computer technicians in an organization

Computer Network Technician Educational Skills and Salary

Most of the companies look for a candidate having an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in computer science / Information Science / Engineering or any related field with strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

As IT industry is growing at a faster rate compared to other occupations, business needs a talented computer network technicians to keep their companies running greatly. Depending on qualification, skills, experience, job duties, and location will impact computer network technician salary. The average computer network technician salary goes around $57.4K per year to High pay-scale of $73K per year. But for freelance computer network technician, the average salary is about $63.1K per year and High salary goes around $81K per year. (Notes as per

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