WAN Optimization Engineer

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What is WAN Optimization Engineer?

There are many people that will not know what WAN stands for. To give a basic explanation, it is a collection of techniques used to increase the efficiency of data transfer across Wide-Area Networks (WANs). Achieving this is a career all of its own, and the experts in this field are known as a WAN Optimization Engineer.

What is the Job Description?

A WAN Optimization Engineer would be expected to set up and maintain Wide-Area Networks for businesses that need these to function efficiently. They are generally in charge of the smooth running of networks, ensuring that internal and external communications can be made without any issues. They are also expected to set up communication networks, monitor them, problem solve for them and optimize the speed and efficiency of the system they are responsible for.

The average WAN Optimization Engineer job description also asks for a highly skilled person that will be able to implement wide space networks, network servers, and hub, and ensure that they all run smoothly so there is no interruption to communications or business.

What are the Responsibilities of a WAN Optimization Engineer?

WAN optimization engineer responsibilities will include interconnecting network systems, checking their performance, security settings, capacity, and approvals. They will also have to ensure that network-based data is backed up and may well have to supervise other technical staff, such as computer programmers.

They will have to instruct people in the use of WAN Networks, as part of being responsible for its smooth day-to-day running.

What Education is Required for WAN Optimization Engineer Jobs?

For anyone wanting a career as a WAN Optimization Engineer will need to have a degree in computer science, information science or networking. The course work for degrees tends to involve a lot of practical work, which means they are generally better completed on campus rather than online.

There are also some mandatory certificates required such as the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Comp TIA Network+, Juniper, Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA), and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). You will see from the education required that these engineers are highly skilled in the job they have chosen to do.

What Skills Do You Require?

The WAN Optimization Engineer skills required include leadership qualities, being organized, the ability to meet deadlines, and the ability to solve problems without letting themselves become stressed or anxious.

Wan Optimization Engineers also need to have patience and be flexible if they want to make a success of this career.

What Salary Can You Expect?

As an employed person, WAN Optimization Engineers can expect to earn in the region of $70,500. This does not include additional amounts for bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. Like any job, the WAN Optimization Engineer Salary can vary from company to company, with some of the large concerns paying much more than this.

The engineers that earn the most though are usually the ones that freelance and they can expect to easily earn more than $100,000 per year.

What is the Job Outlook for WAN Optimization Engineer?

With the world of technology advancing at such an amazing pace, there is a huge demand for workers that are qualified in these areas.

The prospects for finding work as a WAN Optimization Engineer is good and is likely to get even better as the marketplace becomes more reliant on its networks.



WAN Optimization Engineer Freelance Jobs

No matter what career path you have chosen, everyone should consider if they would be better off financially and happier working for themselves as a freelancer. WAN Optimization Engineer freelance jobs are plentiful, and working this way lets you choose when and where you work without the restrictions of being an employee. You will always have to work to the highest standards and meet the deadline you have agreed, but as long as you do these two things, you could have a very lucrative career as a freelance WAN Optimization Engineer.

Some engineers have put off this idea as they are uncertain how they will find enough work. It really is very simple. All they have to do is register with Field Engineer and then browse what jobs available. They can filter them by distance, time and price and then decide if they want to apply for any.

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