VMware Architect

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VMware Architect

VMware Architects are required to be competent to conceptualize, create, and design complex IT architectures. Their knowledge on the subject should be practical and exhaustive.

They should also be very conversant with their domain so that they can provide guidance and professional instructions to support their clients.

They should be capable of incorporating proficiency into architecture design and should comprehend the issues, contexts, and effects very well to know how to move ahead by providing appropriate support to their clientele.

VMware Architect Job Description

VMware Architect must possess excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with customers and for instilling confidence within them, as they need to convey their plans verbally and through documentation to technical as well as non-technical users at each level in an organization. Moreover, they need to have the talent for exchanging ideas, making suggestions and being able to persuade the team they are working with proceeding further.

Besides being the point of contact for technical issues, they must lead a team of engineers and designers to institute standard operating procedures with an aim to mitigate the project associated risks. They should interact with the senior management, project managers, and cost accountants because they are responsible for the pricing of projects, to develop plans for testing and deployment, and to develop project plans.

Most importantly, they hold the responsibility for troubleshooting issues and ensuring that projects will be executed within the stipulated period and well within the budget allocated.

Their responsibilities also include the following.

  • Evaluation of the customer’s environment.
  • Documenting plans for implementation.
  • Ability to adapt to shifting requirements, preferences, and schedules.

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Future for VMware Architects

Some companies are getting ready for the future by using new technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) so that their networks are more secure, speedy, and efficient, making it compulsory for VMware Architects to learn new skills.

Since most of the current deployments are taking place in VMware vSphere environments, developers are using new technologies like containers, increasing the proportion of workloads that run in public clouds.  It is necessary, thus, for network virtualization to expand to offer a complete range of networking as well as security services in emerging environments, besides on vSphere. Future VMware Architects should take note of this.

Qualifications and certifications for VMware Architect

Should have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and experience proportional to the size and scale of the project where they would work. They usually report to a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or a CIO (Chief Information Officer).

One has to be a VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert), with experience in Data Center virtualization and cloud computing with the help of VMware’s virtualization software, vSphere. Other certifications that would help them are vRealize Suite, Horizon, and vSAN, among others.

VMware Architect Salary

Paysa.com reveals that an average yearly salary of VMware Architect is $121,735, with the top 10 percent of the people getting more than $158,007. But it ranges between $102,175 and $138,012.

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