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Telecommunications Director Job Description, Certification and Salary?

A telecommunications director is the person responsible for the design and planning of an organization's telecommunications system. 

But what else is there to know about a telecommunication director’s role? 

Telecommunications Director Job Description

The Telecommunications director is the person responsible for all of the strategic planning and design of an organization telecommunication system.

A telecommunications director will work with other members of the IS staff to ensure that all of the telecommunications solutions are ideal for the company's needs.

The use of voice, data, video, and other systems will often be used by a telecommunications director.

How to Become a Telecommunications Director?

A telecommunications director, will typically need a few years working in telecommunications as an operator. The telecommunications operator will have a wide range of skills, and those specific duties will vary depending on the job setting. 

A telecommunications operator will be required to receive inbound calls, make notes, type more than 30 words per minute to ensure that everybody reaches the correct person, update notes, and more.

In addition to the skills acquired as a telecommunications operative, a telecommunications director will typically need a bachelor's degree in the area of specialty within the industry they work in. As well as 5+ years of management experience. 

Telecommunications Director Job Description

The telecommunication director will be required to organize, plan, coordinate, and direct all of the necessary work and resources for providing information technology and telecommunication services within a business.

The Telecommunications director is responsible for the strategic planning and design of an organization telecommunications. The telecommunications director will report directly to top management, and they will manage a department sub-function within a broader departmental function. 

They will be creating functional strategies and specific objectives for a range of support. This includes the development of policies, procedures, supporting the function of the company as a whole. To be a telecommunications director, you typically need five or more years of experience in a managerial role, and a in-depth knowledge of not only your own functional roles, but that of the entire department. 

The most common tasks include-

  • Consulting with other senior management in the IT and telecommunications departments to discuss the strategy of the organization
  • Direct the implantation of the organization of the IT and telecommunications strategy, procurement, infrastructure, procedures and standards and you align develop the periodic business plan, as well as the operational budget for IT and telecommunications to deliver at the agreed service level
  • To prioritize and schedule all of the major IT and telecommunication projects.
  • To handle the IT and telecommunication staffing levels, oversee recruitment including appointments of staff and direct training policies in
  • To ensure that all new technologies are researched and evaluated to see if they meet the organization's needs.
Telecommunications Director Salary

Telecommunications Director Salary

Telecommunications directors typically make between $134,355 and $177,660 per year. Of course, salary will vary widely depending on a few factors, including additional skills, a number of years in the profession, any certification, as well as perks. If you are interested in other telecommunications job roles then FieldEngineer has a wide range in the database.

Telecommunications Director Skills

That can be quite an extensive skill list for a telecommunications director, here are some of the most common skills required.

  • Detailed knowledge of methods and procedures that relate to operating a communication system
  • Knowledge of the geography of cities and counties, when it is related to an emergency services role
  • Ability to plan and supervise a team
  • The ability to operate all of the Communications equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of all communications equipment where possible
  • The ability to speak distinctly and clearly
  • Debility to manage a team in such a way that they manage dealing with the public either under the most difficult conditions
  • Detailed knowledge of any federal and state regulation government transmission is by radio and telly type, depending on the industry in which the job is in.

For a medical job opening a director of telecommunications will require between 3 to 5 years working within healthcare all, or between five and seven years of experience in management information systems. When the communications director role is in an EMS setting, they will be required to possess an emergency medical dispatch certification from the International Academy Dispatch. 

In general, the telecommunications director role can be wide and varied; they are responsible for a whole team of people, from training to ensuring that high standards are adhered to. They will be providing efficient and effective electronic information processing, as well as technical management of services.

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