Telecom Administrator

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Telecom Administrator

Do you have aspirations of turning your passion for technology into a successful career as a Telecom Administrator? Field Engineer allows you to turn that dream into a reality by connecting you to the major clients that you’ve always wanted to work for.

What is The Telecom Administrator Job Description?

The job definition of a Telecom Administrator, or Telecommunications’ Administrator, isn’t overly complicated. In this role, your job is to support an organization’s administration of wireless telecom devices and services.

You will be a data communications analyst who partners with the IT team and end users to ensure high-quality operations and efficient networks. You’ll move, add, or modify communications systems, support hardware, and software, and resolve issues so that downtimes rarely occur in all telephony and related systems while providing interactions between data and voice communications, including video conferencing, IP telephony, and computer and voice mail systems.

Considering how important functioning telecoms systems are in modern business, companies are willing to pay handsomely for Telecom Administrators to successfully enhance the ongoing efficiency. FE helps you connect to those clients to gain maximized earnings.

What are The Responsibilities of Telecom Administrators?

As a Telecom Administrator, you may work with offices and laboratories. Working in this role, you will help with the installation and maintenance of IP telephony systems, voice mail, PBX, and networks. As such, you’ll need to handle a range of assignments, including:

  • Support PBX phone systems and VoIP, voice mail systems and call-recording, such as automatic call distributor (ACD), call accounting, and attendant console support.
  • Collaborate with vendors, telecom carriers, and network monitoring services for issues like phone line infrastructure, solution analysis, and support issues.
  • Maintain documentation related to telephony systems, call-recording systems, and wide area network (WAN) maintenance.
  • Ensure to meet the client’s network and equipment availability service agreements, including by alerting them when issues occur and maintaining telecom systems.
  • Evaluate and fix issues concerning software and hardware of telecom systems.

Other responsibilities include research and analysis into budgets and available technologies, along with making suggestions regarding purchases, improvements, and cost-saving processes. Assignments also extend to migrating and changing network and telephone account details while also upgrading outdated systems.

What is The Education Required for Telecom Administrators?

What is The Education Required for Telecom Administrators?

As a Telecom Administrator, an associate’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or other disciplines relating to telecommunications is the bare minimum. However, most find that a bachelor’s degree is required to win over the best clients. Meanwhile, additional certification can boost your prospects. Relevant qualifications include:

  • The CTMS certification course.
  • The CTMA certification course.
  • The CTME certification course.
  • The CWMS certification course.

In addition to formal education, on-the-job experience is vital. You should have prior experience of IT procurement and telecom network implementation, besides IP telephony and computer networking.

What Skills do you Require?

If you’re determined to get hired as a Telecom Administrator, you should be familiar with networking products, such as routers, switches, and hubs, among others, and firewalls. Likewise, network protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, etc., and  IP telephony protocols (H.323 and SIP) should fall under your remit of knowledge.

It’s vital to have experience working with DHCP and DNS, as well as a working knowledge of MPLS, Broadband, SIP, Dedicated Internet, etc. You should be well-versed with Cisco or Juniper or Aruba or other popular networking systems. You are expected to have experience of working with VPN technologies and should be able to use Office 365 or its equivalent as well as ServiceNow or other workflow systems.

What Salary Can You Expect?

Demand for Telecom Administrator experts is very high while the average earnings for professionals in this role are currently $63, 681 per year in the United States, according to ZipRecruiter. Professionals who take up freelancing earn around $31 per hour.

Working as a freelance Telecom Administrator is an ideal step en route to earning those wages mentioned above. Field Engineer can help you stay busy by connecting you to freelance roles and helping you grow to the point where the biggest clients will crave your services too.

Being a freelance Telecom Administrator allows you to help organizations thrive in a gig economy where organizations need to concentrate on their core strengths and let on-demand players take up support tasks. When you work on the FE platform, you will be assured of continually working for new clients and also improving opportunities your expertise in this field.

Sign up today to join over 40,000+ engineers working with us globally through the platforms. The future of your career in Telecoms Administration has never looked brighter.

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