Switched Network Repairer

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The Switched Network Repairer is responsible for installing, testing, maintaining, repairing phones. They also provide technical assistance regarding telecommunication equipment and switching equipment associated with processing and transmission.

The repairer will take care of the electromechanical, analog and digital trunking systems. They should look into the issues related to circuits and equipment. It is their responsibility to evaluate and examine the switching system and network associated equipment and software. The professional must handle telephone equipment, wiring, and associated hardware. They should resolve, replace and rectify the damaged telephones and other hardware.

The Switched Network Repairer will operate computerized testing systems and organize service tests on customer lines and equipment. They will determine the nature, cause, and location and will allocate the appropriate repair personnel. The professionals complete test reports and maintain test and service records. They assist repair personnel to test lines, circuits, and systems, isolate and clear cable faults.

Job Description

The Repairer’s fundamental task is to install or replace switching. The switched network repairer Job Description includes activities such as keeping track of the distribution, routing, dialing and other equipment used by the organization.

The professional will show equipment to customers and will describe how to use and respond to queries. They will examine the circuits and malfunctioning components to troubleshoot any related issues. The repairer must have hands-on experience to test meters, circuit diagrams, polarity probes, and other hand tools. They ensure that the equipment works properly.

The Switched Network Repairer will even assist with the technical support needed for the initial installation of communication wiring or communication equipment. The other primary duties that include are:

  • Support in the planning, replacing, and installation of telephone equipment and other hardware
  • Substitute the damaged equipment such as broken wire, faulty telephones, and other problems
  • With the help of test installed telephone systems, trace the transmission faults
  • Resolve analog, digital, and electromechanical trunking circuits and systems at various switching centers and facilities
  • Evaluate and inspect circuits, equipment, and trunking systems
  • Assess switching systems, software, and network associated equipment.
  • Conduct timely tests on customer equipment and routes
  • Supervise the computerized testing systems
  • Identify the location of the problem and keep the appropriate personnel in the loop
  • Maintain circuits, systems, and test lines using technical support
  • Rectify the cable faults and validate records
  • Discover and restore the faulty equipment
  • Examine the operation of telecommunications equipment
  • Adequate knowledge of telecommunication equipment, teletypewriters, cell phones, pagers, and mobile radios
  • Update the operating systems and software to access the internet
Educational Qualifications and Requirements

Educational Qualifications and Requirements

The candidate who is interested in pursuing Switched Network Repairer should have a bachelor’s degree in either computer engineering, telecommunications, or electronics. These courses will help the candidate to enhance their knowledge in areas such as computer programming, data communication, data transmission systems, and AC/DC electrical circuits. The professionals can opt for a master’s degree as well if they are looking for specialization. Prior work experience can be an added advantage.

Additional Skills

Critical Thinking

The repairer must put to use logic and reasoning to recognize the issues and provide alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches.

Operation Monitoring

It is the responsibility of the professionals to keep a check on the working condition of watching gauges, dials, indicators and other equipment.

Quality Control Analysis

They should conduct inspect and examine the products, services or processes to understand the quality or performance.

Salary and Job Outlook

As per the Recruiter.com on an average, the Switched Network Repairer earns about $64,230. On the lower-level, employers make around $31,000. Meanwhile, employees on the higher-level get paid over $80,000. The Indeed.com salary estimate states that on an average Switched Network Operator salary ranges from approximately $13.36 per hour for Line Operator to $49.66 per hour for Integration Engineer. The job outlook does not seem to be favorable as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From 2016, the field has faced an eight percent decline in employment rates. The opportunities seem to be limited, taking into consideration the wired telecommunications sectors.

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