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What is a SON Optimization Manager?

SON is short for self-organizing networks, a type of technology that will enable the widespread deployment of mobile broadband technologies. Typical use cases include deployment of mobile 3G, 4G and 5G networks and SON optimization managers will focus on understanding these systems in order to make them more efficient.


A SON optimization manager focuses on using their skills and expertise to optimize networks. This can include using 3G and 4G coverage and capacity optimization or analyzing complex network data by using field-proven algorithms to determine how you can optimize a network and implement beneficial changes.

Qualifications & Skills

Since this is a relatively new field, candidates should possess a great deal of knowledge on self-organizing networks and their use in the field. SON optimization managers also possess a great deal of essential networking knowledge, such as understanding the 3G and 4G protocols and also understanding VoLTE.

Job Outlook

As more companies look to improve their business technologies, they’ll start to optimize business-critical systems such as communications and lowering operating costs without impacting the performance of the company. As a result, demand for SON optimization managers is set to increase in the next few years.

However, there’s also the option of working as a freelancer. Since SON optimization managers are proficient at improving existing systems by analyzing them, the role is perfect for a freelance position and could offer you more job opportunities in the future.

Pay Scale Range

SON optimization managers can expect to earn from $48,000 to $250,000 per year. This will greatly depend on your level of expertise and the organization you are working for.

When working freelance, there is no longer a ceiling for your salary because you are able to take as much work as you want. You can also work fewer hours and only take on jobs when needed. This added flexibility can make freelancing a more convenient choice for SON optimization managers.

How Can Field Engineer Help?

Field Engineer specializes in partnering experienced and skilled freelancers across the world with demanding organizations that need a flexible workforce. Hiring full-time employees often isn’t necessary and could lead to wasted expenses, making freelancers the go-to choice for many companies.

As a freelancer, Field Engineer can provide you with more working opportunities.Thanks to its role as a global marketplace for engineering talent. You’ll be able to connect with employers all over the world that are seeking trained specialists such as SON optimization managers that are flexible and experienced. Freelancing is often seen as a risky endeavor due to the uneven stream of work, but this can be countered by services such as Field Engineer.

As a company, Field Engineer gives you a mobile, flexible and experienced workforce that you can tap into at any time. You can establish a presence overseas with a trained SON optimization manager, or you can invest in international relationships. Freelancers are also great for lowering operating costs since you only need to pay per job they complete.

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SON Optimization Manager - Ericsson
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