Silver Peak SD-WAN Engineer

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Silver Peak SD-WAN Engineer

Silver Peak is one of the main companies at the forefront of the SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) trend in networking right now. Now is the perfect time to get involved as a Silver Peak SD-WAN engineer. The professional should be able to deploy two EdgeConnect appliances. This will help the businesses to operate as a single SD-WAN. They must be well-versed with the virtual router redundancy protocol to move the local area network (LAN) traffic to a designated master SD-WAN.

Job Description

SD-WAN Engineers are responsible for the coherent management of networking using SD-WAN technology. The professionals should provide the necessary technical assistance for easy integration with cloud-based Internet Security solutions.  They must have a good understanding of path conditioning and dynamic path control.

The Silver Peak SD-WAN Engineers work towards providing automated connectivity and routing, VPN tunnels, and QoS. The engineers should have the ability to specify desired application performance and preferred path with automated failover to an alternative path. The professional oversees evaluation options & projects, network/application implications, and others. They will have an in-depth knowledge risk assessment and should create reference architectures.

With the rise of cloud computing and a need for businesses to have smooth systems and operations, these engineers are more important than ever before.

Educational Qualifications & Skills

Most people coming to this role will have a degree in a field relating to Computer Science or maybe Information Technology. There are lots of related disciplines that can provide the grounding necessary for starting in this job role though. Being able to troubleshoot and find swift solutions to complex problems is a useful skill to have if you want to be a Silver Peak SD-WAN Engineer.

Useful Certifications

Silver Peak eXpert (SPX)

Silver Peak eXpert (SPX) certification provides the professionals with the necessary knowledge to understand Silver Peak’s technology and products. To obtain this certification, the professionals should have good knowledge about key Wide Area Network (WAN) fundamentals. The certification teaches how to deploy, monitor, resolve a Silver Peak-enabled WAN. The professionals will be able to track and report important statistics related to application and network behavior.

Job Outlook

Usually, professionals taking up this job should have prior experience in a technical support role or a junior engineer role. It is advisable to understand what an SD-WAN engineer does before taking on the role is useful. With more companies adopting cloud technology, the need for Silver Peak SD-WAN Engineers is only going to increase, so future looks good for anyone on this career path.


The Indeed salary estimates state that on an average Silver Peak SD-WAN Engineer salary ranges from approximately $88,005 per year for Network Engineer to $107,511 per year for Senior Network Engineer. The salary will depend on the level of experience, as well as whether you choose to work full-time or freelance. People working full-time jobs as SD-WAN Engineers can expect to earn around $50,000 depending on their experience. With demand for SD-WAN Engineers on the rise, there are plenty of freelance opportunities out there, and these can pay very well if you put in the hours and gain experience.


How Can Help is the ideal platform to find freelance opportunities as a Silver Peak SD-WAN Engineer. You can gain experience and start proving yourself on the job right away. It’s easy to sign up and start finding high-quality work. It could be a huge turning point for you in your career.

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