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Silver Peak Expert


Silver Peak Expert is responsible for Silver Peak’s technology and products. The professionals will have a good understanding of key Wide Area Network (WAN) fundamentals. They will know how to deploy, monitor, resolve and manage Silver Peak-enabled WAN. The professionals will be able to track and report key statistics related to application and network behavior.

The Freelance Silver Peak Expert understand how to explore multiple aspects of managing a Silver Peak-optimized WAN. Freelance professionals will have an in-depth knowledge of different deployment options and network architectures.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The Silver Peak Expert job involves handling WAN optimization technologies. The professionals will take care of network acceleration, network integrity, and network memory. They have a good understanding of flow processing, TCP acceleration, and TCP window scaling. The Silver Peak Expert handles high-speed TCP, Proxy, and acceleration. The professionals should have proper knowledge of selective acknowledgments, and round-trip time measurements.

The Silver Peak Expert will have the ability to accelerate the CIFS. They have to ensure loss mitigation by using FEC. The professional must play an active role in the design and preparation. They should have a good understanding of Bridge Mode Router (Out-of-Path) Mode, along with PBR, WCCP, and VRRP. The professional needs to take care of VLAN Trunking, GMS and Appliance Deployment.

The Silver Peak Expert installs GX-V on VMware. They add and manage appliance along with the auto discovery. The professionals are also a part of the application installation. They are explained in detail about the template groups. The professionals should be able to understand Route Policy Templates (RPT), QoS Policy Template, and optimization templates. They must look into TCP Auto-Optimization, IP Auto-Optimization, and Auto Tunnel.

The professionals will take care of the bandwidth management and QoS. The Silver Peak Expert should know how to perform the Server-side data (SSL) Deduplication. They have to handle the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The Silver Peak Expert has to manage the users and take charge of communication security. They have to monitor, report and troubleshoot whenever necessary.

Educational Qualifications & Additional Skills

Silver Peak Expert should complete higher secondary education. The professional must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunication, electronics & electricals or any other related field. Businesses are looking for professionals with prior and relevant work experience. Some organizations want to give it a try with candidates with a master’s degree or any certain specialization.

Useful Certification

Silver Peak eXpert

Silver Peak eXpert certification is designed for IT professionals who are interested in installing, managing and resolving Silver Peak-enabled WAN. The certification teaches the candidates how to handle Silver Peak’s technology and products. Professionals with a good understanding of TCP/IP protocol suite, subnetting, Microsoft Windows Operation including IE and windows explorer can get benefitted from the course. Apart from these, intermediate networking and troubleshooting experience, basic familiarity with virtualization, knowledge of commonL2 and L3 topologies, routing policies and redirection are an added advantage.

Useful Certification


The Indeed salary figures state that on an average Silver Peak Expert salary is approximately $92,749 per year in the United States.

Advantages of Freelance in this Career

Freelance Silver Peak Expert is not geographically confined, so there is always a chance to explore new opportunities and new clients. Freelance professionals can learn new skills and explore better work option. They will always have new clients, and business associates because of the work they do.

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