ShoreTel Solution Architect

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ShoreTel Solution Architect

A ShoreTel Solution Architect is a professional who will put in use the technical expertise and ShoreTel proficiency in a customer facing environment. They must be efficient to handle the designing and proposing ShoreTel On-premise, Cloud and Hybrid solutions. The architect should be able to provide necessary support in managing additional technical resources for meeting the account needs.

The solution architect will get to work with highly-skilled professionals who have great expertise in subject matter. The professionals offer pre-sales support to the ShoreTel community and ShoreTel sales team. They provide technical assistance with remote demonstrations and design consultations. The architects work in collaboration with the cross-functional teams. They have to look into the RFP responses and proposal presentations.

The professionals should be capable of explaining the industry and business concepts to the clients and executives. They will have an in-depth understanding of Core PBX, UC, and cloud technologies. The architects provide customer training for onsite, cloud, and hybrid solutions. The ShoreTel Solution Architect will also support the international ShoreTel sales team.

Job Description

The ShoreTel Solution Architect job involves the capacity to work with prospects, customers, and cross functional teams to meet sales goals. They must be able to work in coordination with the high motivated sales professionals.

The professional will take care of the Proof of Concept for complex configuration, research documentation and review. They will have great expertise in the common application as well as the Advanced Application Suite. The professionals act as a common point of contact between the sales team and product management. They will interact with Fixed Mobile Convergence Specialist for any complex discussions.

The architect must have proper knowledge of ShoreTel products and services. They should be able to handle any issues related to VOIP, VPN and network security. The professional should take care of the servers, storage and virtualization.

The ShoreTel Solution Architect will be a part of content development and partner knowledge transfer sessions. The topics of discussion are usually focused on ShoreTel applications along with it other subjects such as virtualization and SIP adaptation. They have to participate in highly qualified and strategic accounts. The professionals will take care of pilot installation, complex application review and product planning and review sessions.

The certified architect must have an aptitude for learning new technologies and good knowledge about Cloud solutions. They need to provide the best tech solutions to resolve the existing business problems. The architect must describe the structure, characteristics, behavior, and other aspects of software to project stakeholders.

They should be able to define features, phases, and solution requirements. The professional must provide specifications according to which the solution is defined, managed, and delivered. The ShoreTel Solutions Architect should address the business problem and provide solution technologies. They should analyze the technology environment and enterprise specifics.

The ShoreTel Solution Architect has to understand customer requirements when designing and delivering quality solution proposals. They should be able to understand how solutions and components work together as a single image when creating a good architectural design. The professional will be able to uncover design considerations and describe the implementation of best practices in detail.

The professionals should look into the Post Sales Customer Life Cycles issues resolutions. They organize discovery meetings to understand the client’s requirements. The architect provides specific solutions to meet the requirements.

It is the responsibility of the architect to document the requirements. The must put in place a collaborative framework and create a solution prototype. They should actively participate in technology selection and control solution development. The professional should also support project management.

Educational Qualifications

The desired candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics & Electricals or any other related field. Some organizations opt for candidates with prior work experience. Employers will want to hire candidates with a master’s degree or specialization with ShoreTel technologies.


ShoreTel Solution Architect

The ShoreTel Solution Architect will validate the designing and delivering of quality contact center solution proposals. The subjects of focus are features and functions, designing quality contact center solutions, using the administrator tool and delivering end user, supervisor and administrator training.


According to Glassdoor, on an average ShoreTel Solution Architect Salary ranges between from $96,201-$1, 24,336 annually in the United States. As per Paysa, ShoreTel Solution Architect earns an average of $193,624, ranging from $145,874 at the 25th percentile to $229,383 at the 75th percentile. The top earners earn more than $281,485. The Indeed salary estimate states that on an average ShoreTel Solutions Architect ranges from approximately $75,405 per year for IT Technician to $96,582 per year for Senior Systems Consultant.

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