Senior Telecom Analyst

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A senior telecom analyst usually works toward providing expert telecommunications solutions and services to users experiencing technical issues. As a senior employee, this role is likely to involve some level of management or leadership. Senior positions are frequently given to people with a lot of experience in a role or an industry. 

Senior telecom analysts may work in several telecommunications fields, or they might specialize in one particular area. The most likely divisions for a senior analyst to work in are telephone, video, or internet systems. When telecommunications issues are discovered, the analyst’s job is to find out the problems and come up with solutions to rectify them. They will usually create further preventative measures to ensure the problems won’t reoccur. The senior analyst will either manage or head a team of analysts. 

They will generally study the flow of their current company telecommunications systems and search for ways to improve them. It is their duty to stay current and up-to-date with technologies and best-in-class practices within their industry.

Routine maintenance checks, troubleshooting, report generation, and information logging are core aspects of the role. Telecom analysts often have to provide training on the functionality and features of the telecommunications technology to users or customers. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Senior Telecom Analyst

As with any job, the roles and responsibilities depend on what company you work for. Internal operations and management differ significantly from company to company, meaning the job specifics can change a lot. That being said, almost every senior telecom analyst role will involve certain roles and responsibilities. 

Some of the most common include:

  • Search for and discover network, system, or technological issues.
  • Study problems and understand the roots of them. Develop detailed reports and graphs of analysis on each problem. 
  • Create solutions to all network, system, or technological problems. 
  • Design preventative solutions to stop issues from reoccurring in the same way.
  • Create future telecommunications systems and equipment.
  • Maintain current technologies, analyze them, and ensure that they are running smoothly without any problems. Optimize all systems and services.
  • Oversee an enterprise-wide telecommunication strategy that focuses on optimizing future systems. 
  • Manage PBX implementation for all locations. 
  • Work diligently with managers, contractors, PBX vendors, and carriers to ensure that all projects are completed quickly and efficiently. 
  • Provide forecasting and consultation to clients to identify and satisfy their telecommunications needs. 
  • Train users on using and maintaining systems, networks, and equipment. 

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Skillset Required of a Senior Telecom Analyst

Senior telecom analysts require a very specific set of skills. As well as technical knowledge, due to their senior position, they also need to have leadership and management capabilities. 

Here are a number of the key skills needed to be a senior telecom analyst:

  • Analytical skills: being able to examine data, networks, and systems to find issues as well as solutions. 
  • Detail-Oriented: analysis is all about the details. Telecom analysts must be able to create, understand, and execute with precision, using detailed information. 
  • Leadership skills: as a senior analyst, you will need to exhibit leadership to your colleagues. 
  • Interpersonal skills: going hand in hand with leadership ability, senior analysts must be capable of working with different types of people. Verbal, personal, and written communication skills are vital.
  • Organizational skills: in such a complex environment, organization is paramount for analysts. In a senior leadership position where employee management is required, organization is even more key.
  • Technical knowledge: senior telecom analysts must be well versed with a range of technologies. Knowledge of Avaya and PBX is essential. 
Telecom Analyst

Qualifications Required to be a Senior Telecom Analyst

Statistically speaking, there are many senior telecom analysts out there that don’t have college degrees. The likelihood is that these people have spent years of their careers training up to get to the level that they are. 

In today’s market, most senior telecom analyst positions will require their candidates to have a bachelor’s degree and several years of industry experience. 

The most common degrees that they have are in computer networking, telecommunications, telecommunications management, or computer science. 

Salary of a Senior Telecom Analyst

Senior telecom analysts operate across a range of industries, meaning salaries vary. Analysts in professional telecommunications industries tend to be the highest-paid. 

The average salary of a senior telecom analyst is between $90,000 and $125,000 per year.

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Should you Become a Senior Telecom Analyst?

As a senior position, this role requires years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge. If you are already in this field, and this job appeals to you, create a plan, and work toward developing the qualifications and skills needed to get such roles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Experience do you Need to Become a Senior Telecom Analyst?

A: There is no set amount of experience required; however, some roles ask for up to 10+ years. 

Q: Are there Many Available Jobs as a Senior Telecom Analyst?

A: The telecommunications industry is thriving. There are many lucrative career opportunities in the industry, including one as a telecom analyst.

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