Network Support Analyst

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A Network Support Analyst installs, designs, and maintains various network components of an organization. The individual will plan, design, analyze, and provide technical support for the network. The analyst will also research and evaluate network technologies and make recommendations for network equipment purchases. This individual work in conjunction with the IT team to arrange systems.

Analysts are also responsible for the handling and resolving tickets. Since they need to liaise with their team members and clients and also have to create documentation, they need to have strong verbal and written communication skills.  

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Job description

Network Support Analysts are responsible for installing, configuring, and supporting local area networks (LANs), wide area network (WANs), and components of a network system. They also diagnose issues relating to IT systems and troubleshoot them.

They oversee networks to make sure that they are available to all the authorized users. Analysts perform the required maintenance to ensure that the network is available, safe, and secure at all times. They monitor and test the performance of any organizational website to ensure that is functioning correctly.  

Among the regular tasks of analysts are aiding in the network analysis, modeling, planning, and proper coordination between hardware and software of network and data communications. It is also their job to define security measures for the network.

They also provide desktop telephony support to remote users and train IT team on new technologies, manage technology devices, applications, and network servers. They must secure the network by accessing controls, firewalls, and backups.

Educational requirements and other requirements for a Network Support Analyst

A Network Support Analyst must have at least an associate degree, if not a bachelor’s in engineering, computer science or a related technical field. In addition, a certification from Cisco, Microsoft, Dell or CompTIA is preferable.    

Future for a Network Support Analyst

If Network Support Analysts gain more than three years of experience and have a proper college degree, they can advance their careers and become IT security analysts or systems analysts.

Salary of a Network Support Analyst

Network Support Analyst earns on an average $49,000 per year in the United States. Freelancers in this profession earn $22.93, according to

The role of

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