What is a Senior Network Engineer? Job Description and Salary

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When it comes to advancing your career to Senior Network Engineer, you need to know exactly what the role is going to entail as well as the benefits it can bring you. From the skills you need to get started to the salary you can earn in the role, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. 

What is a Senior Network Engineer? 

If you’re looking for a Senior Network Engineer job description then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. 

Senior Network Engineers design and create computer networks within an organization in order to ensure their IT systems are working both safely and correctly. Depending on the nature of the business, they may also be required to do the same for third-party clients. If it stops working, the Senior Networking Engineer is there to make diagnose and solve the issue so that they can easily be restored. 

In some cases, Senior Network Engineers are also responsible for implementing security systems that ensure data is not compromised in any way. This is usually done in-house, but it can also require some travel if the business has more than one location. 

What Are Some Of The Senior Network Engineer Responsibilities And Daily Tasks?

A Sr Network Engineers day-to-day tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting various different network architecture
  • Designing and implementing business solutions using common network equipment 
  • Monitoring and diagnosing performance issues 
  • Designing, writing and updating both system documentation and network diagrams

What Skills And Education Do You Need? 

  • A Bachelor’s degree (or more) in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field
  • A number of years of previous work experience as a Networking Engineer 
  • Advanced knowledge of the network operating systems you’re going to be using on a daily basis (including Cisco, JUNOS, and IOS)
  • Knowledge and understanding of key networking hardware (including CPUs, wiring, and routers) 
  • Knowledge of communication and routing protocols used within businesses 
  • Familiarity with network analysis tools such as SolarWind 
  • Proficiency with various different coding languages
  • Strong leadership and team mentoring skills 
  • Communication skills

If you need assistance when it comes to becoming a Sr Network Engineer, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for available roles or you need more information when it comes to skills and requirements, the team here at Field Engineer can definitely point you in the right direction for Sr Network Engineer Jobs. For further information when it comes to becoming a Senior Network Engineer, continue reading below. 

Senior Network Engineer


How Much Does A Senior Network Engineer Make? 

Research shows that the national median salary for A Senior Network Engineer is roughly $97,400. Those on the lower part of the pay scale can make as low as $70,000 and those in the higher part of the pay scale can make as much as $132,000. In most cases, it depends on the location you’re in and the company you’re working for. 

Who Does A Senior Network Engineer Answer To?

This role is a high-level senior leadership position, which in theory means you don’t have a lot of people to answer to on a daily basis. In most cases, Senior Network Engineers only have to answer to the Chief Technology Officer. 

Who Works Under Their Command?

Senior Network Engineers often have support technicians, network technicians and junior network engineers that will work under them within a business. 

How Do You Become A Senior Network Engineer? 

Usually, a Senior Network Engineer will have worked their way up into the position. With the relevant education and skills, you may be able to start without working your way up, however, that is rarely the case when it comes to such a highly sought after role. Ultimately, it all comes down to the experience you have in the field. 

What Software Do You Need To Use?

There are various different types of software a Sr Network Engineer will have to use in their role. This includes: 

  • Network analysis tools (such as SolarWind)
  • Network operating systems (for example Cisco IOS and JUNOS)
  • Network hardware (like routers, CPUs and wiring, etc.)

Senior Network Engineer Jobs Near Me

For more information on becoming a Senior Network Engineer or if you would like assistance when it comes to finding Senior Network Engineer jobs USA, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. We’re more than happy to chat with you about how our global freelance market place can help connect you with businesses that are looking to hire now.

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