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What is an RF Design Engineer?

A Radio Frequency (RF) design engineer is a great way to earn a living, and at FieldEngineer.com we can put you in touch with the right connections to achieve your goal.

What is the Job Description?

RF engineering is a part of electrical and electronic engineering that deals with the design and application of transmission line, waveguide, electromagnetic field principles, and antenna. It is a large part of everyday life, although most people will never even have heard of it. An RF design engineer will have helped to make anything that transmits and receives, including but not limited to, mobile phones, two-way radios, and Wi-Fi Management. Generally, an RF design engineer job description would be explaining that the candidate needs to be able to analyze, design and implement the enhancement of wireless telecommunication networks.

What are the Responsibilities of an RF Design Engineer?

The RF design engineer responsibilities include initial system design, system dimensioning for coverage, traffic analysis, coverage planning, site identification, evaluation and zoning support, and frequency planning. As a professional expert, an RF design engineer is hired to design radio frequency equipment and products and they can be responsible for dealing with the project through from the design processes to the manufacture and distribution of the products.

What Education is Required for RF Design Engineer Jobs?

A degree in electrical engineering is usually required to progress to an RF design engineer. There are universities that specialize in this area of electrical engineering and it is worthwhile students doing some research to find out which courses involve RF engineering as part of the curriculum.

It is a very hands-on and practical course and is therefore probably best completed at the university rather than online. Students need to have an aptitude for mathematics and science to be successful as an RF design engineer.

RF Design Engineer Freelance Jobs

What Skills Do You Require?

Unlike RF Hardware Engineer, RF design engineer skills required include extremely good analytical and risk identification skills. They also need to be motivated, patient and flexible in their approach to the work.

Good RF Design Engineers also require a good knowledge of computer basics and be prepared to change with new technology and innovations as they are developed.

What Salary Can You Expect?

As someone newly qualified entering full-time employment, an RF design engineer salary expectations should be in the region of $58,000.  However, this rises quite steeply with experience to almost $130,000.  This usually includes a basic salary plus bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions.

As a freelancer in this line of work, there is no limit on what you can earn. It depends on the job you are doing and who it is for, but most freelancers expect to earn about $150,000 a year.

What is the Job Outlook for an RF Hardware Engineer?

Engineers of all types are in huge demand. This is possibly because of the amount of training and dedication required. Some people would rather not have to go through 4 or more years of education and training, but to work in your chosen career it is sometimes necessary.

Once the certificates have been achieved, there are many work opportunities and the future prospects for RF design engineer jobs is good.

RF Design Engineer Freelance Jobs

RF design engineer freelance jobs are a great way to gain experience in all areas of the work involved. These jobs are available all over the world, and you may not be restricted to just working in the US.

Freelancing in any industry provides a freedom that is lost when you are working for someone else. As long as you produce work of a high standard within an agreed deadline, being a freelancer can be a brilliant way to earn your living.

However, the stumbling block to this way of life for many people is making the right contacts and connections with the people that require the work to be done.

This is we at where Field Engineer can help. Our one aim in life is to directly connect engineers of all types with businesses that need their services. With an online presence in more than 180 countries, we have become a powerful platform for businesses who are seeking the expertise of an engineer.

As a freelance RF design engineer with us, you would be able to sort and filter jobs to suit you. Distance, skills required, and pay can all be important factors that you need to consider, and our platform makes it extremely simple to do.

You just need to evaluate the jobs on offer and complete the ones you are accepted for. As soon as your work has been approved, payment will follow very quickly

Take control of your working life and register as a freelancer with Field Engineer today!

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