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What is a RAN Network Associate?

A RAN Network Associate is a person who services and maintains a radio access network, a system telecoms companies use to deliver coverage to customers. Radio access networks are currently evolving in the run-up to 5G.

Responsibilities of a RAN Network Associate

The responsibilities of a RAN network associate include:

  • Upgrading software at the BSC, RNC and base stations.
  • Performing tests to assure functionality to new subscribers
  • Maintaining network assets
  • Updating to modern software revisions
  • Creating fraud reports and delivering them to telecom security offices
  • Modernizing the radio network

Qualification & Skills of RAN Network Associate

RAN network associated need an associate degree in science, mathematics, or engineering. Most companies also require that associates have three to five years of experience.

RAN Network Associate Job Outlook

Freelance RAN network engineers benefit from the following:

  • Choosing hours that suit them
  • Selecting from a range of employers
  • Taking as little or as much holiday as required
  • Working with a variety of clients and projects
RAN Network Associate Job Outlook

Pay and Salary

Working full-time, the average RAN network associate earns between $54,000 and $85,619 per year, depending on the level of skill and expertise. Freelance RAN associates can often make more than the industry average hourly rate of $35.

Field Engineer Links Businesses with RAN Network Associates

Field Engineer is connecting RAN network associates with telecom companies that need their services. With Field Engineer, telecom companies can find the specialists that they need to manage and maintain their networks.

RAN network associates can also find a range of employers by signing up FieldEngineer, which enables them to go freelance.

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RAN Network Associate - Ericsson
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