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What is a RAN Engineer?

A RAN engineer focuses on providing technical support for Radio Access Networks. The role is considered a specialized telecom professional position and tasks often include troubleshooting end-to-end cellular technology and solving radio network-related issues.

A RAN engineer focuses on technologies such as 5G and 4G networking. The engineers offer support for LTE and small cell projects, and they understand protocols like VoLTE and ViLTE. A RAN engineer typically works with GSM, WCDMA, and LTE architectures.


Main workplace duties of a RAN engineer include providing support and guidance on networks and maintaining network elements by providing remote assistance. A RAN engineer may also provide software and hardware support for customer lab and markets.

RAN engineers may also perform network analysis to troubleshoot issues and coordinate communications between the customer, operations team and field support systems. Creating and executing test cases and organizing field trials of a network are also important responsibilities.

Qualifications & Skills

RAN engineers typically possess a degree in computer science, IT and networking. This includes fields such as wireless technology and networking certifications that provide them with more knowledge. Protocol knowledge of 5G-NR, LTE, VoLTe, UMTS, and GSM interfaces is also recommended.

RAN engineers are expected to have interpersonal and analytical skills alongside their degree. They must also possess a collaborative mindset so they can integrate into larger teams. Most companies expect RAN engineers to have at least several years of experience.

Job Outlook

With 5G network rollout across the world, RAN engineers will soon be in high demand. Thanks to their knowledge and speciality. However, 4G and even 3G networks will not be phased out so soon. This means that RAN engineers have several different job outlooks.

The need for a RAN engineer on a freelance basis will surge due to demand for 5G network planning and installations. By establishing yourself as a freelancer, you’ll find more job opportunities in the networking industry.

Pay Scale Range

RAN engineers make between $44,000 and $86,000 per year when working full-time. As a freelance worker, your pay will depend on what you charge for your services.

These prices will depend on your skills, knowledge and also connections. This theoretically means that your pay as a freelance RAN engineer has no ceiling and depends on your personal ability.

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RAN Engineer - Ericsson
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