PBX Operator

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PBX Operator

The PBX Operator is responsible for incoming calls and transferring calls to other individuals. The crucial roles of the PBX Operator jobs are to route calls, transfer information, and handle the administrative duties.

The operators mainly work in the office environment, and they should have excellent communication skills. A PBX Operator must also have robust communication skills and showcase customer service accomplishment.

The telephone operator takes care of the private branch exchange switchboard and receives incoming calls. The professional also makes new connections for long-distance and takes and transmits messages.

A PBX Operator performs various tasks such as typing, checking, and recording information. It is the responsibility of the PBX Operator to compile information and prepare reports.

The professionals will handle basic questions such as hours of operation, directions. The PBX Operator must know how to use and maintain office equipment such as fax machines and automation and computerized tools. A PBX Operator should have excellent telephone manners and have to be well-versed with the ins and outs of a multi-line phone system.

PBX Operator Job Description

The PBX Operator finishes work orders for the engineering department. They have to maintain a record of requests placed by the guests and make sure they are completed. It is the operator who screens, answers, and routes all outside and in-house calls. A PBX Operator has to update the telephone directory with a telephone computer system.

The Switchboard Operator will handle the radio system to relay in-house messages and information. They usually open and close DID lines in the conference room and ran necessary reporting for posting calls.The professional also does regular clerical duties such as filing, stuffing envelopes, etc. A PBX Operator has to take care of the front desk computer system as well.

The key responsibilities of the operator differ from organization to organization. The duties typically involve:

Answering Phone Calls

An operator must answer phones, as they are the ones who will be maintaining the switchboard area. The operators take care of making sure that calls are transferred to the right person. When operating the switchboard, the operator must screen and route calls to the appropriate person. A PBX Operator should also assist in finding the correct person the caller is looking for, especially if they are not sure whom to talk to in an organization.

Make Emergency Calls

The professional must be well-versed in emergency procedures. A PBX Operator should be able to handle any dangerous or threatening situations quickly and smoothly. If the operator finds anything suspicious, they should immediately inform management or security.

Gather Information

The operators must take all the essential information from the callers. This way, a PBX Operator will be able to direct the call to the right person. Getting the caller to answer all the operator’s questions is critical. The operator should also be prepared to take messages if the concerned person is not available to answer the call. Additionally, they must pass on the message to the team members, in case of an emergency.

Resolve Equipment Faults

The operator should have some understanding of the telecommunication equipment. Basic maintenance is also a part of their job. A PBX Operator must be able to do things, such as fixing any issues and making them work again, as quickly as possible.

Execute Administrative Tasks

The other tasks that operators carry out are clerical jobs, such as typing, dealing with faxes, and proofreading. A PBX Operator also assists in handling the duties of the receptionist, like greeting the visitors, logging visitors into the system, and processing deliveries.

PBX Operator Educational Qualifications

A basic high school diploma is what most employers require before hiring. Usually, employers look for candidates with some customer service experience. Proper knowledge of computer skills, data entry, and word processing is a must. The candidate must be familiar with Microsoft and Excel. Most of the employees will learn on-the-job from experienced colleagues.

Additional Skills

Communication skills

PBX Operators must communicate well with people both inside and outside of the office. A PBX Operator should have excellent communications skills to excel in the field.

Customer Service

The PBX Operator job involves talking to external companies and customers. It is important to be active at customer service. A PBX Operator has to deal professionally and politely.

Typing skills

The professional should have a basic understanding of computers. A PBX Operator must be able to use word-processing software to type emails and other administrative messages as well.

Organizational skills

A PBX Operator should have the capability to handle multiple calls along with relaying essential messages. So, they have to organize appropriately to ensure smooth flow of work.



PBX Operator Salary & Job Outlook

According to Payscale and confirmed by Indeed.com, the operator earns, on an average, about $12.10 per hour. The Glassdoor salary estimate states that the PBX Operator salary is $31,205 annually in the United States.Employees seem to like their work, and job satisfaction is high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job market is going face a 23 percent reduction by 2020.

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