PBX Installer

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PBX Installer

A PBX (Telephone and Private Branch Exchange) is known as a private telephone network used within a business. The PBX installers are the specialists involved to install and repair the telephone systems in clients’ homes and offices for its proper functionality.

Generally, the PBX phone system provides dial tone to multiple telephone system in an office or organization. As telephone became the vital part of the growing economy of the 20th-century life, a need arose for PBX installers to ensure the proper connectivity of the internal telephone.

In the previous days, four years right after the Bell’s patent on telephony, there were about 150,000 phones in the U.S. for its use. However, today technology has advanced to the point where fewer of these workers are in demand than in previous years.

PBX Installer Job Description

At the present situation, most of the organization along with the technological advancement are on the look-out for the on-demand PBX installer instead of permanent, as this is one of the economical ways of the management to keep track of their growth size as well.

Businesses need to invest in the readiness of the technology so that they can cater the services on-demand to their customer.

On the other hand, as a freelancer, you can pick up more installation project through the specialized digital platform. One such platform is FieldEngineer.com which helps both business and on-demand installer to get connected even on the go.

Job Description

When calls move from one telephone to other, they typically go through a telephone enterprise facility that holds automatic switching equipment. A common understanding is that calls move in the form of electronic packets in the installed cable.

For telephone calls to get to the receiver, a collection of cables, wires, transformers, switches, and other special equipment are put in and are in working condition. Centralized cable splicers, factory workers, and line fixers are among the workforces who work on this equipment.

Usually, weakening of network may cause telephones to function incorrectly. PBX installer can find the cause of such problems proactively, occasionally with the help of test board personnel for better installation.

Following are the core job duties:

  • Installs telephone switchboards specific communication equipment, viz. intercommunications systems, circuits, mobile radiotelephones, and teletypewriters, on customer’s premises.
  • Connects telephone or telegraph wire terminals to inner wires and switchboard, following figures by hand tools, soldering iron, and wire wrap gun
  • Check and fine-tunes installation, using a voltmeter, ammeter, and test telephone set.


To be successful, you must possess at least a high school diploma along with vocational training in this field. It will help if you have about 3 to 4 years of work experience in the installation and maintenance. Experience with IP networking and IPTV will add value to the existing work experience.  

Work Environment

PBX installers often do their work autonomously, with the least supervision. Mainly during critical conditions, they may be required to work at night, on weekends, including holidays to reestablish service.


As per comparably, the average salary of a Private Branch Exchange Installer is around $54,477 for full time. Part-time work gives the best option for the potential boost to career and future opportunities. In the telecom world, Top Freelance Marketplaces like FieldEngineer provides the unique platform for the freelance installer.


FieldEngineer.com is a freelance field service marketplace providing various opportunities for telecom freelance professionals to work on exciting projects. The platform connects companies with more than 40000+ freelancers from over 180 countries.

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