What Is An On-Demand Worker

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On-demand workers work in a flexible, zero-hours environment. Instead of your regular nine-to-five, as an on-demand worker, you have a different routine every day. For some workers, this is a perfect recipe for work-life balance, creating new and innovative experiences each day, which are never dull.

What Are The Benefits of On-Demand Work?

On-demand jobs have many different benefits which depend on your field, your lifestyle, and your preferences. Some of these are:

  • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance. This is the number one attraction to on-demand work. Having an office job is very inflexible - you are at work all day from Monday to Friday. If you have other needs or requirements in your life, it can be difficult to fit these in. With on-demand work, you can easily create your own routine, which helps achieve a healthy work-life balance. On top of this, if you have other requirements such as childcare, elderly parents, or health issues of your own, this way of working can aid your lifestyle in any way you see fit. 
  • Commitment. Working on salary for a specific company can become challenging if you grow tired of the job, or of the company itself. With on-demand work, if you decide to change course or work for another company, nothing is stopping you. On-demand work rids you of problematic company politics, social issues at work, and difficult contracts. 
  • The Lone Wolf. If you’re somebody who works better alone, on-demand work is for you. Some people adore work socialization; others find it distracting for their quality of work. If you subscribe to the latter, you can make your own way in the world of work without being bound to office-team culture.

Why Your Business Needs On-Demand Workers

If you run a business, you might never have considered how having on-demand employees can help grow your successful brand. Here are some reasons your business needs on-demand workers!

  • Cost-effectiveness. If you rely on delivery services, warehouse work, or widespread services across many locations, you need to try the on-demand work model. Hiring employees on a ‘casual’ basis and allowing them to choose their hours might sound counterproductive. Still, it actually creates more freedom and revenue for your business. How? Well, without a fixed salary or contract, you are not required to pay sick pay, benefits, or severance to your workers. This cut costs exponentially for your business. 
  • Retaining talent. Hiring freelancers instead of permanent workers means that you get the cream of the crop. If you hire a freelancer for a job who turns out not to fit the bill, you are under no obligation to re-hire them or continue their contract. Similarly, if a freelancer works well with you and your company’s brand, you can re-hire them on a rolling contract and retain their talent. 
  • Time Zones. If you are a global company, hiring freelance on-demand workers can help you work across all time zones. Having casual employees all around the world enables you to operate quickly and efficiently to be at the top of your game. 

The Future Of On-Demand Workers

The on-demand working model is growing every single year. With huge companies such as Uber, Amazon, and Deliveroo using on-demand work increasingly, this economy is continuing to flourish. Platforms such as FieldEngineer.com offer the opportunity to freelancers and employers to advertise their needs and services quickly online. With these platforms increasing all the time, it’s very simple to become an on-demand worker.

Without fixed salaried jobs offering flexibility and remote working options, many people will diverge to on-demand work to achieve further work-life balance. Working to live, rather than living to work, is becoming increasingly important to the younger generations who are taking stock and finding importance in their own wellbeing over their work priorities. 


How do I become an on-demand worker? Find a platform like Field Engineer, which you can use to advertise your services to potential customers. Building a clientele takes time, but once you make an excellent reputation and relationship with your clients, on-demand work becomes much easier.

How do I pay my taxes? As an on-demand worker, you are responsible for your own taxes. It is advisable to consult a financial advisor to make sure you are paying the correct amount of tax and social security for your income.


Whether or not you’re experienced in on-demand work, it’s pretty clear that it’s a model that is only going to become more popular! Look into on-demand work and potentially change the way you see your future career.

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What Is An On-Demand Worker
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