What is Network Support Engineer? Job Description and Salary

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When it comes to starting a career as a Senior Network Engineer, it’s important you know exactly what the role is going to entail. From the qualifications you need in order to get started to the day-to-day tasks you have to complete in the role, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. 

What is a Standard Network Support Engineer Job Description? 

Network support engineers focus on both user needs and system requirements in order to design, set-up and maintain businesses computer networks. Whether it’s done in-house or for clients, engineers will gather data on systems, routers, and other hardware in order to build and manage fully-operational networks

As a high-level engineer, they will also be responsible for budgeting and cost reductions when it comes to both labour and materials. 

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Network Support Engineer? 

The roles and responsibilities of a Network Support Engineer include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing primary backup for networks should they fail
  • Ensuring the effective administration of a new business network 
  • Performing troubleshooting on all programs when required 
  • Preparing post-mortem reports and performing trend analysis when there are system failures
  • Developing proposals and helping to finalize opportunities that reduce expenses 
  • Developing and maintaining all of the comprehensive paperwork associated with the implemented network 
  • Assisting other departments when it comes to localised issues
  • Coordinating with various different departments to help develop a Linux network design that runs smoothly
  • Managing all of the technical network resources for both projects and the business as a whole 
  • Assisting and providing consultancy services to clients (should it be required)
  • Supervising and ensuring there is an optimal level of technical backup at all times
  • Administering and ensuring project completion

If you think you need further assistance when it comes to becoming a Network Support Engineer, we’re happy to help. Whether you’re looking for available Network Support Engineer jobs that match your skillset or you need more information when it comes to the roles and responsibilities listed above, the friendly team here at Field Engineer can definitely help to point you in the right direction. 

What Qualifications And Skills Are Required For Network Support Engineering?

When it comes to working as a Network Support Engineer, you are usually required to have a bachelors degree in computer science, information technology, engineering or another computer-related field. As a student on these courses, you will complete valuable modules on things such as wireless communication, database fundamentals and routing concepts - all of which will be used on a daily basis in a Network Support Engineering role. 

Although some employers may prefer candidates who have an MBA in a relevant field, it is not necessary in order to gain a role as a Network Support Engineer. If you want to further your own education, however, it is recommended.

When it comes to skills, you will need to have a mix of the following:

Communication skills - in order to work with the correct teams to resolve problems, you’re going to need to have strong communication skills. 

Problem-solving skills - a lot of the role revolves around being able to diagnose and solve problems, so this is an essential skill for those looking for a career in Network Support

Computer and networking skills - it goes without saying that you’re going to need to know all there is know about the systems you’re using, which is why computer and networking skills are so important. 

Network Support Engineer


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to working in Network Support Engineering.

What Does A Network Support Engineer Learn? 

When it comes to a Network Support Engineer Salary, the national median salary for Network Support Engineers is around $59,000. If you are in the top part of the pay scale you can make as much as $88,000 but if you are the bottom of the pay scale, that reduces to $41,000. 

How Do You Become A Network Support Engineer? 

With the relevant degree and skills, you can start your career as a network support engineer by searching for jobs near you. Read below to see exactly how we can help with that. 

Network Support Engineer Jobs Near Me

For more information on becoming a Network Support Engineer or for help finding Network Support Engineer jobs USA, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Depending on your needs, we can talk you through the ways in which our global freelance market place can help connect you with businesses that are looking to hire right now. 

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