Network Assurance System Technician

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Network Assurance System Technician

Network Assurance System Technicians are trained professionals responsible for the optimal operation, installation and maintenance of network data communications as well as equipment connected to cellular switching centers.

Network Assurance System Technicians manage the execution and maintenance of operations, and they support both local area networks (LANs) and wide area network (WANs), whether they are located in-house or at other sites.

Technicians further conduct training for network operations executives, to keep them informed of the latest trends. Technicians also install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot computer hardware and software they also create and maintain fast, secure and reliable networks.

Technicians can work with several network operation centers. As businesses continue to invest in the latest and most innovative technology, including cellular networks, employment opportunities for technicians are expected to grow 28% from 2010 to 2020, according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Job Description

As a network quality assurance technician, you will help the organizational network system under quality engineers or supervisors. As an expert assurance technician, you will evaluate and resolve quality issues, make assessment plans and guidelines, choose test applications, review the instruction manual, and implement site audits.

Network Assurance System Technicians have the Following Job Responsibilities

  • To manage the installation, testing, and troubleshooting of both voice and data network systems
  • To perform installation, testing and troubleshooting of transmission facilities
  • To keep system applications running at peak performance
  • To monitor network quality
  • To perform network security checks to protect against cyber-attacks
  • To provide support for various users in an IT department
  • To maintain error logs and to provide resolutions to problems
  • To update site-specific daily logs
  • To upgrade multi-service networks for voice, data, internet and video traffic on a single network
  • To troubleshoot hardware failures and server issues
  • To validate hardware and software
  • To perform checks of a network’s backup plan
  • To organize and plan system maintenance to avoid interruptions
Educational Requirements

Educational Requirements

Network Assurance System Technicians must have a degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications or a related discipline. Furthermore, they should consider supplementing their degrees by obtaining certifications such as CompTIA’s Network+ or Security+.


They must connect with consumers and other network technicians to develop and apply new security procedures to ensure that all systems and information are safe. Assurance technicians in this area help resolve system problems and define the best course of action to fulfill an organization's technical requirements.

The Network assurance technician executes quality control reviews, checks, and tests for the network products & services for an organization. They are accountable for the review of network equipment, parts, and products at various phases of companies. The assurance technician will also communicate with the quality systems to the team to records observations and may make approvals for refining practices.

As a network assurance, you should know about the network communication inclusive of local area network and wide area network. They must be aware of the configuration and operation of wide area and local area networks along with communication standards such as TCP/IP. They should also identify security products such as firewalls and anti-virus programs for network safety.

Some of the primary skills which a network assurance technician should possess in the network assurance checks are like troubleshooting, documentation process, preparing a detailed report on network productivity for the assessment, and many more.


As per the salary report, the average annual income of freelance Network Assurance System Technicians working in the United States is $54,239. However, part-time employment can also provide a rewarding and useful boost to your career.

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