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Being specialists in information technology (IT) programs and applications of Microsoft, Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITPs) provide support to their organizations in technical areas, such as operating systems, networks, servers, etc.

These professionals ensure that systems and networks function properly within their enterprises. They also assess and decide how a computer network’s performance can be improved further. Professionals are responsible for installing, configuring, and fixing issues on Microsoft platforms. They are aware of the whole lot of Microsoft products, besides it technologies and solutions.

These professionals are the first point of contact for end users seeking help to resolve incidents. They either resolve or escalate the issues to the IT team.

Professionals must not make the mistake of focusing only on technology. As they need to work in collaboration with other professionals, they must also focus on being good team players and possess excellent communication skills. Organizations require them to adhere to their policies and procedures and adopt their best work practices.

In addition, they must understand data and how businesses function. But, despite the area they work on, IT professionals need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to multitask, and excellent customer service skills. After they are hired, they need to continuously acquire new IT skills by undergoing training, as each company’s unique work style will mean that their methodologies will vary.

In some instances, they must be prepared to do physical work, such as lifting and carrying equipment. They may also have to work on ceilings and rooftops. 

Job Description

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional would support the computing and hardware of clients, such as installing, imaging, and maintenance round-the-clock. The technician will help in enabling software installation and maintenance updates, either on-site or remotely.

Professionals strive to improve systems’ functionalities and procedures. They identify, assess, and fix IT issues of clients’ systems and escalate them whenever necessary. MCITPs identify and resolve issues regarding network services, hardware, and software. They need to document, trace, and oversee problems so that they are resolved promptly.

The trained professionals also need to maintain equipment inventory and storage accurately. They also support voice and data communications, printers, copiers, wiring, and other peripheral devices, in addition to monitoring and managing anti-virus protection and cybersecurity issues of desktops, laptops, notebooks, mobile devices, VoIP systems and so on.

Professionals also create documentation for resolved issues in detail. They maintain their organization’s confidential information and follow its policies and procedures strictly. The technicians participate in meetings to convey or gather information needed for performing their tasks.

They analyze complex infrastructure and network problems, such as TCP/IP, routing or VLAN issues in order to maintain the computer operations of the entire organization’s systems. 

Finally, Microsoft professionals assist other team members in supporting them in completing their assignments. If they are in managerial roles, they would have to manage staff and create and monitor IT budget for their organization. 

Prospects for Microsoft Certified IT Professionals

Prospects for Microsoft Certified IT Professionals

IT professionals with a Microsoft certification and adequate experience can advance their careers to become computer support specialists, information security analysts, and database administrators, among others, according to

Job opportunities for computer support specialists, such as Microsoft Certified IT Professionals, are estimated to increase 11 percent during the period 2016-2026. Demand for support services will increase more, as enterprises add and enhance their software and hardware equipment, according to the US Labor of Statistics (BLS).

Organizations also hire certified IT professionals in several numbers to maintain their networks of computer systems.

IT professionals are described as those whose job entails maintaining, creating, or fixing hardware and software issues of computer systems. They exist in various types, with each of them concentrating on one or more aspects related to the maintenance and analysis of computer systems. They can also assume roles as server administrators, enterprise desktop support technicians or database administrators. 

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Although there is no minimum education requirement for MCITPs, a bachelor’s degree will improve their prospects, in addition to the MCITP certification.


A Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Desktop Support Technician earns on an average $60,000 per year in the United States. If they freelance, they earn around $22 per hour, according to

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