Level 2 Network Technician

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The primary responsibility of a level 2 Network Technician is to maintain the computer, voice, and equipment used to support technology in an organization. The technician is the key contact for users who need assistance in resolving technical issues. The technician may be based in one office or use remote access tools to diagnose most issues from a central location.

This position requires excellent communication skills and the need to communicate with people of all levels of technical understanding. This includes written as well as verbal communication skills. Users will rely on documentation to operate equipment maintained by the technician.

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The job description of Level 2 Network Technician

This position is responsible for maximizing the availability of all network components. The technician is the point of contact for providing first and second level troubleshooting on all systems managed by the Network Operations Center (NOC). Technical requirements for the position include having detailed knowledge of different types of network and telephone equipment.

Technicians are responsible for tracking problems and resolutions using a Network Management System (NMS) program that tracks incident response. The technician may reassign tickets to the appropriate person as and when needed. They are expected to communicate causes of problems to end users and management.

The technician may be responsible for the operation of long-distance communication systems. In a remote environment, they must be able to work with people on-site to gain access to systems. The technician will create documentation on all systems they support.  

Future for level 2 Network Technicians

Many technicians use a combination of on the job experience, formal education and certification to remain proficient with technology. For many people in this position, a well-rounded knowledge of technology and people skills has led to career advancement that includes management positions.

Educational qualifications and other requirements for level 2 Network Technicians

In almost all organizations Network Technicians will be required to be degreed with either an Associate or Bachelors in a technology or engineering discipline. Some organizations may also require specific certifications on the products and systems they have in place, or a high-level certification in network management and administration.
Having several years of practical experience may be an acceptable substitute for some organizations. Other organizations may also highly desire individuals with a background in virtualized networks or VoIP.

Salary of Level 2 Network Technicians

The annual average wage of level 2 Network Technicians in the United States is $56,460. Freelancers in this profession can make an average of $24.91 per hour, according to payscale.com.  

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