LAN WAN Engineer

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LAN WAN Engineer

LAN WAN Engineers are IT professionals engaged to maintain local area network along with wide area network for the organization for the seamless connectivity. A LAN/ WAN Engineer makes use of their broad IT skills along with their telecom expertise for best productivity. They are known with other names as well like Computer Network Support Specialist, Computer Network Specialist, Computer Networker, and internet network specials.

The main job of such engineering specialist is to keep up the network 24/7 to meet their organizational connectivity either internal or external. LAN/WAN Engineer work with a company’s network by the specific protocol. They work on devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls protection mechanism keeping away the cyber-attacks.

Local area networks usually connect to extensive area networks through a router or other device and run the internet for better connectivity with multiple geographic locations.

The LAN/WAN engineers choose the proper data communications mechanisms and align them to meet the customer and organizational requirements. The production of a dependable and the best network incorporating LAN, WAN, internet, and intranet mechanisms involve network formation and investigation.

With the growth of Telecom and IT field, LAN/WAN Engineers also support the network for data center and IoT devices (Internet of Things).

Job Description

The primary responsibility of LAN/WAN Engineer is to have the network in a functional mode with zero downtime round the clock. They make use of suitable data communication modules and helps the user and company network without any interruptions. Unlike before LAN/WAN engineers are implementing more of fiber optic technology instead of the cable network.

Fiber optic network can withhold a large amount of data in comparison to cable the network.

The LAN and WAN Engineers devote a right amount of time to analyze network data to ensure that the network is functional and runs well during the peak demand period. Engineers look into the usage of network and its security. The access rights of a particular network are monitored for safety reasons so that to avoid any network infection.

They should maintain the network logs for LAN and WAN to be prepared in case of any problem arises then it can be fixed.

Network engineers also document network activities so that if problems do arise, information is available to use for fixing them. They also take care for back up data of network logs including browser history.

LAN/WAN Engineers are also called as a network engineer and are accountable for increasing and installing exceptional designs, which line up the primary technology constituents of LAN, WAN, security, VoIP, and collaboration to allow strategic business resourcefulness, support steady processes and deliver practical security measures. The engineers will be a member of the global network team, which is in charge of the deployment and task of LAN, WAN, Security, and VoIP.

Principally they are involved in the design and apply system and data networks, such as local area networks, wide area networks, intranets, extranets, and other data communications networks. They perform the network formation, analyze, and planning. They may also plan network and system security measures. They may research and recommend internetwork and data exchange hardware and software.

However, some of the essential task performed by the LAN Wan Engineers are as follows:

  • To design and implement the fundamental in line with network architecture and routing procedures on recommended platforms
  • To ensure the operational support of data for a network comprising routing troubleshooting and switching problems
  • LAN/WAN engineers also have the  responsibilities for supervision of IP details
  • To define the growth and sustainability of the network
  • To take care of training of other staff inside the organization regarding network routing.
  • Engineering and support of new systems maintained by the data network organization.
  • To analyze for root cause analysis of problems which includes for enhancements.
  • To write, evaluate, and apply methods of procedure.
  • To work directly with device sellers

Education and Certifications

If you are considering a LAN/WAN Engineer career, consider obtaining a degree in computer science, information technology (IT), or a related field essential. To get a better foothold in the meantime, consider earning a certification in this field as well, which will make you stand out in the global marketplace.

The important certifications are CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CCNA, and CCNP.

LAN WAN Engineer Skills


In addition the general understanding of networks and detailed knowledge about the LAN or WAN in your organization, you will also require quite a few other skills in order to operate as an engineer. The Most LAN/WAN engineers work with a department, making personal and public skills essential. Working on time limit is another significant talent, along with being detail-oriented.

One should have the LAN/WAN network knowledge which requires brilliant problem solving and critical thinking expertise in order to fix the matters and figure out how to avoid difficulties from happening in the upcoming time. While leading a team of the technician and other technical staff you should be skillful to manage them under you, the governance skills will also be required in order to keep the team performance well in pursuit of best network performance.


The average salary as per the report, for a LAN/WAN Engineer, is around $88,000 per annum. As a freelancer, it can provide a rewarding opportunity by connecting with various companies.

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