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What is an IT Assistant, Job Description, Skills and Salary?

Information technology assistants provide essential support to many companies in a variety of fields. Because of the constant demand for IT Assistants, it’s a growing job market and there are many IT Assistant jobs available. At FieldEngineer, you can source an IT Assistant along with other types of engineering services for your business. 

What is an IT Assistant? 

An Information technology assistant helps to install, operate, and maintain computer networks and communication systems. IT Assistants are certified professionals, usually with a bachelor’s degree in the subject. They provide solutions to technical problems for many different types of businesses. 

IT Assistants may also be responsible for writing reports, tracking inventory, training staff on new technologies, negotiating contracts with vendors, and developing contingency plans in case of network failure. They help to ensure the safe and efficient running of a business’s IT system and provide daily user assistance.

How to Become an IT Assistant?

In order to become an information technology assistant, applicants are normally required to have a bachelor’s or associate degree in IT or a related field, such as Computer Science, Electronics, Software, Information Systems, or Telecommunications. At FieldEngineer, we vet all our engineers including IT assistants according to qualifications and experience. We will algorithmically match the best person for the job. 

It’s also important to have good communication and interpersonal skills. IT Assistants work closely with people to provide trouble-shooting solutions to technical issues. Our IT Assistants also have plenty of post-qualification experience in help desk services. An information technology assistant can also specialize in different software or systems. Other IT certifications include CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, and W3Schools. 

If you have both computer and problem-solving skills, then you might be suited to an IT Assistant position. IT Assistant jobs are on the rise and it’s a great opportunity to learn essential skills. IT is vital to many businesses and organizations, and IT Assistant jobs are always in demand.

IT Assistant Job Description

IT Assistant jobs involve providing technical support related to both hardware and software. This requires expertise in computer networks and often certification through specific software or hardware vendors. IT Assistants can work in a range of different fields as most businesses require constant IT support. FieldEngineer can provide IT Assistants to a variety of businesses, and we will match the engineer with experienced related to your field. 

IT Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

IT Assistants have many responsibilities and daily duties. They provide constant administration support including answering and transferring calls, proofreading, data entry, and operating essential machinery such as printers and copiers. They also need to resolve customer problems on a daily basis both accurately and in a timely manner.

As well as providing technical assistance, IT assistants often prepare and maintain documents particularly for company policies and procedures. Data is also an important part of an IT Assistant’s daily duties. IT assistants back up data and control access to this. They also install new hardware or software to keep an organization’s data storage and communication up to date.

Important maintenance is also a key part of an information technology assistant’s role. They frequently have to troubleshoot and fix hardware or software issues. Some IT assistants specialize in the maintenance of particular hardware or software. Along with repairs, IT assistants often inventory computer goods and necessities. 

One of the main roles of an information technology assistant is user assistance. Many businesses use specific software, email programs, and other specialized systems. IT assistants are responsible for training staff on how to use these. They may also include creating user manuals. No matter how simple or complicated the task, IT Assistants provide user assistance on a daily basis. 

IT Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

IT Assistant Salary

The average salary for IT Assistant jobs is $62,770 but this can increase for positions with greater responsibility. There are also good prospects for IT Assistants. IT Assistant jobs at entry-level can lead to important roles such as IT technician or network administrator.

The field has also been predicted a 10% growth rate in the next decade, as there will be an increase in demand for IT Assistants. Advances in computer networking and technology mean more businesses will upgrade computer systems. There is also a predicted increase in demand for IT Assistants specialized in the fields of web design and development.

There will, therefore, be a boom in IT Assistant jobs and many more talented IT Assistants available for hire. If you’re looking for an IT Assistant or technical services for your company, find an engineer today.

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