IT Administrator

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IT Administrator

An IT Administrator, otherwise known as a System Administrator, is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of client computer systems, servers, and data security systems. The administrator ensures that internal IT structure of the enterprise remains up-to-date. Administrators avert possible cyber-attacks for greater productivity as per company policies and procedures.

Almost every organization that uses multiple computers or software platforms needs an administrator to coordinate these different systems. In most organizations, Administrators manage all servers, network equipment, and other related IT infrastructure. Companies consider these professionals the backbone of a Telecom or IT organization. They play a vital role in setting up the unification or customization of client operating systems, email servers, firewalls, and internet.

Job Description

With the fast-paced growth of the IT and Telecom sector, administrator responsibilities often expand to meet the expectation as per the guidelines of an organization. The administrator serves as a key member of the IT department and provides an essential service to the business continuity.

For example, if a network failure or internet connectivity issue occurs during peak work hours, it becomes even more crucial to fix the problem quickly. This is what businesses expect from a well-trained administrator. They have a significant impact on day-to-day operations in businesses where downtime can be catastrophic.

IT Administrator Jobs

Other Essential Responsibilities of an Administrator Include the Following Tasks.

  • Manage electronic equipment
  • Install network and computer system
  • Maintain, repair and upgrade the operating system including hardware and software
  • Monitor the performance of existing computer systems and IT infrastructures

The IT Administrator, are generally accountable for maintaining the organizational IT network, servers, and security systems. To ensure business continuity, they are completely essential within any business. If an IT network fails, the effect on the regular running of the commercial operation can be significant.

To make sure that issue doesn’t happen, the administrators are responsible for investigating and analyzing network issues, gathering IT usage cases, advising recommendations for refining the organizational IT systems and carrying out daily configuration and installation of IT solutions and services.

On a regular basis, you might be requested to help staffs with basic needs. Moreover, this contains setting up new consumers and running backup, security, and passwords.

Apart from regular office job duties, companies will at times deploy the administrator to a client location to perform the job responsibilities.

Educational Requirements

Unlike many other professions, no single pathway to this position exists. To become a successful administrator, you will need to have an essential degree or diploma in computer science, IT, electronics or in a related field.

Most System Administrators work in an all-hours environment on rotational shifts. They maintain client IT infrastructure with minimal downtime and plan maintenance windows outside of normal customer working hours so as not to disturb business operations.

IT Administrator Job Description

Essential Skills Required

Administrators utilize experience and skill in order to resolve client issues. They maintain seamless connectivity across the enterprise network. Administrators should be technically proficient in all major operating platforms and possess all necessary certifications.

To become an IT Administrator, it is essential that one should have strong inter, organizational and problem resolving expertise. As an administrator one should be acquainted with all feature of project management, such as costing and scheduling, along with strong time management skills.

The skills to work independently as required, assist teams and implement analytical skills to find success in this field. Along with these qualities, it is also important that IT Administrators possess the following capabilities:

  • To assess present network serves, operating systems and security layer
  • To upgrade hardware and software programs
  • To install and implement effective security systems
  • To perform data backup and recovery processes
  • To resolve issues with systems and programs

Job Outlook

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), IT Administrators can anticipate seeing an 8 percent growth rate in employment through 2024. However, the majority of this growth is expected to be seen in the across the industries including telecom and IT.

Salary and Compensation

As per indeed, the salary of an administrator averages $61,379 per annum in the United States depending upon candidate experience. With enormous growth opportunities, one might opt as freelance administrator provided a candidate has relevant field experience.

In the Telecom world, top freelance marketplaces like provide the best platform for freelance administrators.

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