HP Printer Technician

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The HP printer technician installs, configures and ensures proper functioning of HP printers and peripherals. The printer technician provides regular maintenance for the machine. The technician must be knowledgeable about HP printers. The individual should collaborate with the internal departments and assist in resolving any underlying problems.

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Job description

The technician must be able to install and configure the printer on the network. If the printer needs parts to keep it operational, a technician is responsible for the maintenance. It can include ordering and installing the components on the machine. The additional responsibilities include:

  • Prior experience in handling HP printer repair and maintenance
  • Analyze and resolve any technical issues related to computer systems, hardware, and computer peripherals
  • Must be available to provide on-site servicing and rectify the major OEM printers
  • Proper knowledge of Point of Sales (POS) systems
  • Resolve problems with the desktops, laptops, and printers at the component level
  • Record, upgrade and replace hardware and software systems
  • Offer technical support for activities associated with the identification, prioritization, and resolution of reported problems
  • Install and reinstall software packages and updates
  • Be able to recognize, research, isolate, resolve, and follow-up on problems
  • Handle all administrative aspects within the time limit
  • Provide feedback that includes customer information and usage reports for the printer
  • Must be able to solve problems, have excellent verbal and written communication skills, understand and interpret technical terms

Educational Qualifications

The desired candidate must have a high school diploma. A computer associate’s degree is preferred.


Organizations opt for candidates who have industry vendor certifications. For this role, the individual must have relevant accreditation. A PDI+ certification shows the technician has basic proficiency in the maintenance of fax machines, printers, and copiers.

Printer Technician Salary

According to Careerbliss.com, the printer technician salary earns about $71,000 annually. HP employees make 15 percent higher than the national average of $61,000 per year. Paysa.com shows that an HP technician earns an average of $60,749 per year. This salary range starts at $51,520 (25th percentile) and ends at $68,506 (75th percentile).

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