Field Solutions Architect

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Field Solutions Architect

A field solution architecture is one of the essential parts of organizational success. The field solution architect (FSA) is responsible for working together with internal and external sales department to plan, organize, and sales strategies.

Primarily, solution architects help boost the sales atmosphere including customer prospects, competitive setting as well as the consumer’s technical environment and based on that actions to be performed in the sales planning.

With the growth of the digital platform, every technology or a group of related technology need to have the solution architect. To fulfill the customers’ satisfaction level, on-demand field solution architect is an essential requirement.

The field solution architect adds up the value to the organization with increased customer satisfaction. Field Solution Architect helps the wide range of technologies like video surveillance, router installations, LAN WAN, and many more to cater to the needs of organizational goals for the customers.

For instance router and video installation field, the architect is expected to be subject matter expert in video solutions with cameras, video management software, and other solution mechanisms for the complete video surveillance solution.

Additionally, the FSA is likely to understand the interface of video surveillance into related solution areas such as access mechanism and IoT solutions in support of additional broad used cases. 

During ideation, Field Solution Architects launches the broad commercial context for the solution of required technology and defines the vision and necessities for the solution.

The project managers drive the primary role for managing solution delivery; Solutions Architect will play a proactive role in leading project design and implementation – like creation architects of the installation site, who remains with project leaders until completion of the site – ensuring quality, usability and time to market. With this holistic approach, a role we call the solution architect.

The solution architect considers architectural, quality and feasibility accountability for a given technology or system, adding the views and experiences of various category of specialists. The sole objective of Field Solutions Architect is to make sure a solution is delivered that is acceptable for all the internal and external stakeholders.

Field Solutions Architect Job Description

Job Description

Field Solution Architect (FSA) works in the field of Telecom and Information technology. They concentrate on framing the top technology solution to meet a specific business need in their area of expertise, whether its applications, hardware or infrastructure services. Field Solution Architect (FSA) role focuses on pre-sales solution design. The technologies solutions provided by the architect is one of the key factors for increased customer satisfaction.

Broadly the field solutions architect’s job description is classified as technology, sales, and sales support. Following are the official responsibilities as a part of the Field Solutions Architects job description:

  • To determine services that match the proposed hardware and software requirements.
  • Uses team resources, templates, tools, and processes for maximum efficiency with the high-quality execution
  • Provides feedback to technology leaders where prospects exist to improve delivery execution
  • Follow up on implemented solutions and identifies new opportunities that complement the work completion
  • To guide the customers in their decision making
  • To lead the business-focused technology partner

In order to do this successfully, and form a well-balanced team with the project manager the field solution architect should have a leading role on the business study and system engineering, ensuring that requirements, design, and installations stay aligned and are feasible.

Additionally, he should have a supporting role in the project management domain, ensuring that planning, resources, commitments and risk recognition stay in line with the solution under defined procedures.

The field solution architect’s primary deliverable is the combination of all delivery aspects during all phases of solution delivery to the customer or business. They are continually striving for this integration taking actions in areas where the architect leads, initiating actions and decisions in areas where he’s supporting.

Advising the solution to the technologies has become the major tool for integration, as well as for recognizing potential misalignments. This role at times called systems architect, but professionals think it is not fair to the fact this holistic architect is deeply involved in both business, management and technology at the given site.


If you are coming from bachelor or graduate level, a professional needs years of matureness to understand there is more to reality than just their existing role or discipline. The great thing though, there is no perfect discipline from which a solution architect should come from. Any discipline like engagement management, packages, business analysis, custom software, and infrastructure is good enough to bring up the career.

However a bachelor degree is required in the field of computer science, information technology & related field. It is preferred by most of the employers across the different area


As per Glassdoor salary estimates, a Field Solution Architect earns an average of $ $116,171/annum for full-time in the United States. Moreover, as per indeed salary estimate, the normal salary for Field Solutions Architect varies from about $87,451 per year. Lowest wage may vary by geographical location, and you can refer the employer for actual salary data. Benefits is a transformed approach to meet the ever-changing workforce requirements. It can help boost your career objective with competitive & quality service and unmatched focus. provides one of the best platforms for freelance opportunities for telecom Field Solution Architects. Organizations can post their requirement for hourly, fixed, recurring, and special projects with more 40,000+ freelance field engineers from over 170 countries, this is one unique opportunity and path that will take you to the greater heights that will help boost your career outlook.

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