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What is a Fiber Installation Technician?

A fiber installation technician is responsible for installing new fiber networks for various telecommunications companies. Maintenance is also part of the job description and you’ll be expected to work in the field for most of the job.

While it can be a full-time job under the brand of a telecommunications company, installations can be handled on a freelance basis as well.


A fiber installation technician will often be required to install or maintain fiber connections. They can often work with contractors that will first remove or construct pipes that can be used to route a fiber installation.

For maintenance, fiber installation technicians will be expected to analyze and understand an installation before attempting to repair or service it.

Qualifications & Skills

A fiber installation technician is expected to have a high school diploma. A certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree will greatly improve your chances of being hired. There are also several certifications available that can offer you better job prospects.

Fiber installation technicians should be level-headed, analytical and possess vast knowledge of network installation. You should also be comfortable traversing terrain such as climbing ladders or lifting heavy objects to reach fiber lines.

Job Outlook

Fiber networks are becoming increasingly common all across the world, especially in developing parts of the world. As such, demand for a fiber installation technician will continue to increase. Once more fiber networks are established, technicians will still have the skills to maintain and repair these networks for even more job security.

However, working full-time for a company may restrict future opportunities. Instead, working as a freelance fiber installation technician can help you establish your own brand and help you seek work from several clients at once for more flexibility, choice and earning strength.

Pay Scale Range

A fiber installation technician can expect to receive between $29,000 and $95,000 per year with an average of $53,000. This is the salary for a full-time employee and does not reflect the salary of a freelancer.

When freelancing, you typically do not have an upper earnings limit. Instead, you are free to take on as many jobs as you want and exceed earning $95,000 per year. This is possible thanks to Field Engineer’s ability to connect freelancers with thousands of companies across the world.

How Can Field Engineer Help?

Field Engineer is a global marketplace of engineering talent. It provides freelancers with connections to businesses in order to seek work and gives companies a global and flexible workforce.

As a freelancer, Field Engineer provides you with more work opportunities across the world. You’ll be connected with organizations across the world that are looking for talented individuals to perform specific jobs. There are also opportunities for growth thanks to the connections you’ll make.

For companies, Field Engineer is a source of talented engineers that are active all over the world. Whether you’re performing an overseas fiber installation or want to establish a presence internationally, Field Engineer provides flexible services to meet your on-demand needs. It’s far more affordable and flexible than hiring a full-time employee and helps to reduce the costs of hiring.

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Fiber Installation Technician - Ericsson
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