Desktop Deployment Technician

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Desktop Deployment Technician

The primary responsibility for a Desktop Deployment Technician is to deploy systems to end users in an organization. The technician may take on additional roles focusing on using technology. These may include VPN deployment, corporate intranet setup, and software installation. In some organizations the technician may be expected to be responsible for cable plant management, regularly backing up the system, and implementing disaster recovery plans, as needed.

The Desktop Deployment Technician will work in coordination with the operations, PC Lab and Helpdesk resources to troubleshoot any technical issues. They have to deal directly with customer pre, and post deployment isseus and handle any errors related to the migration process. The deployment technician will install the requested applications and peripheral on the user machine.

The technician has to keep track of all issues related to patches, features, deployment, and permissions. It is the responsibility of the Desktop Deployment Technician to assist in Data Migration. They have to identify and resolve deployment related issues and maintain the accuracy of deployed machines. The professional has to image/re-image new and existing desktops and laptops.

The Desktop Deployment Technician should take care of the picture records and inventories. They should have an in-depth understanding of imaging, sending machines and investigating. The professional has to make use of the active directory to supervise records, profiles, and approaches. The technician should assist with sending workstations and PCs. They have to create the design settings on Windows workstations.

The technician has to oversee information and adjust system profiles. They should maintain a database of the progressing ventures. The professionals have to investigate any technical issues that may come up identified with system tasks and end-client support. They must communicate with the end clients to identify zones where the movement procedure can be identified or adjusted.

The Desktop Deployment Technician will have to coordinate with the new employees to understand the capacities and restrictions of taking a shot at the system.

Job Description

The job description for the Deployment Technician focuses on making sure computers and peripherals used are secure and that the users have the correct software. Correctly managing image files and inventories are an essential part of the position. A qualified candidate must have hands-on experience with imaging, deploying machines and troubleshooting.

The Desktop Deployment Technician should have fault finding and problem solving skills in a network environment. The professionals need to be well-versed with building and setting up desktop computer systems. They have to conduct recovery and preventive maintenance procedures. The technician has to run diagnostic or repair routines and provide technical assistance.

The professional is responsible for software deployment to networked computers. They should have an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Applications. The Desktop Deployment Technician will take care of the audit of the system and network. The technician has to offer excellent cable management and submit the weekly timesheet to the senior professionals.

The Desktop Deployment Technician maintains PC roll out the database to make sure the project remained within the schedule. They have to design a virtual private network and intranet for social networking, website deployment, and software installation. The technician will take care of hardware issues and coordinate parts replacement.

The deployment technicians will implement disaster recovery plans, and look into the regular backups as well. They will facilitate repairs and provide technical support with LAN/WAN equipment and wiring. The professional must have a proper understanding, and hands-on experience with VBScript, PowerShell or other programing tool sets.

Additional Responsibilities for this Position Include

  • Using Active Directory to manage accounts, profiles, and policies.
  • Assist in deploying desktop workstations and laptops throughout the organization.
  • Assist or provide network administration functions such as implementing MS-Outlook accounts, managing data, modifying network profiles, and recovering passwords
  • Provide project management support and maintain databases to keep ongoing projects on schedule.
  • Create and provide reports to supervisors and other team members that detail the status of projects and the location of organizational assets.
  • Troubleshoot any issue that may come up related to network operations and end-user support.
  • Configure settings on Windows workstations.
  • Perform backups & restores data and cover all areas of the disaster recovery plan.
  • Work with new members of the organization to understand the capabilities and limitations of working on the network.
  • Replace or Migrate data on new or old computers.
  • Communicate with end users to identify areas where the migration process can be better explained or modified.

Educational Qualification

A bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline is required for this position. A good understanding of computers and how they are used in the organization is a must. Some employers will need a Master’s degree in a technical field or a combination of a degree and specialization in one or more areas.


Holding a certification for the products the organization uses is highly desirable, and required in many cases. Product vendors, such as Microsoft and Cisco, typically have programs that will lead to the certification an employer is looking. Having certifications tells the employer that a candidate has advanced knowledge.


According to Neuvoo, on average, a Deployment Technician earns about $65,400 per year or $34 per hour. Entry-level employees will receive, on average $46,000, while the experienced professional will earn up to $92,000. ZipRecruiter places the salary range for this position between $24,000 and $62,500 in the United States. The Indeed salary estimate states that on an average a Desktop Deployment Technician salary ranges from approximately $17.48 per hour for IT Technician to $55.11 per hour for Technical Lead. The Paysa estimates show for this position the salary on an average is $69,423, ranging from $53,478 at the 25th percentile to $81,667 at the 75th percentile.

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