Datacenter Deploy Technician

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Datacenter Deploy Technician

A Datacenter Deploy Technician deploys and maintains an organization’s data center server along with its network infrastructure. The individual’s tasks involve deployment of technology related to a data center. The technician is responsible for securing and complying with all facets of the data center. It is the responsibility of this individual to maintain healthy working relationships with different internal teams and vendors.

Besides, they need to work in the field by doing manual work, such as lifting about 50 pounds regularly and working at heights.

They should able to work flexible hours and may have to attend work even on holidays. Technicians must have excellent customer service skills.

Finally, they must have excellent written and spoken communication skills.

Job Description

The technician performs troubleshooting, carries out power cycles, removes failed components, and handles storage media. The candidate also undertakes installations of hardware rack/stack, testing, cable installations, and resolves issues using standard processes of data centers, besides helping in moving and racking equipment.

Technicians assess, identify, and resolve cabling infrastructure systems and carry out repairs when needed. It is their responsibility to supervise and keep in check performance and capacity of systems.

Technicians also install servers and switches in a data center. They should install and support wireless access points, IP Phones, power strips, and server cabs, among others.

Technicians should fix any device belonging to the data centers that need physical connectivity. They should insert and upgrade infrastructure management software of data centers to boost functionality and make it more user-friendly.    

Technicians should document records of all activities that happen in a data center. They should oversee the work of technicians, daily operations, and the relevant project hiring requirements.

Datacenter technicians need to prioritize tickets as per the criticality of issues. They notify operations team about procedures and status of work orders in order to provide necessary information for arriving at decisions, taking relevant steps, and complying with the organization’s regulations.

Job Description

They carry out necessary documentation in written and electronic formats as per their organization’s standards for work order progress and completion, reporting for billing & payroll, and time and materials for client service level agreements (SLAs), and so on. To maintain inventory and make sure availability of needed items, they request equipment and supplies .

Technicians test equipment, take remedial actions and perform precautionary server maintenance. They monitor, assess, and resolve local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), communication and performance of the server.

After the receipt of equipment from vendors, technicians unpack and inventory them.

Included in the ambit of activities of the technician are aiding the deployment of the data center physical infrastructure, such as NetDevices, Servers, Window Server OS/ Linux OS, and SANS, in addition to troubleshooting of physical hardware and assisting in replacing parts and components.  

The employee configures and fixes issues related to operating systems on the server.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Technicians need to have a diploma or a high school degree in computer science, engineering or related discipline along with a certification in the system’s administration of Red Hat, Cisco, Microsoft or Juniper.

If they are ITIL certified and have a reasonable working knowledge of physical IT infrastructures, including SANs, networking, and servers, among others, it would be beneficial.

Prospects for Datacenter Deploy Technicians

If they have the passion and ability to learn and develop new skills, they can advance their careers. Since they work with clients, including vendors, it gives them an opportunity to be up-to-date with the latest technologies. As they have to be customer-centric, they can improve their communication skills, which will help them shift to other challenging jobs.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) avers that work opportunities for computer support specialists will increase 11 percent during the period 2016-2026. More job avenues will open up for them as organizations will only continue to upgrade their hardware, software and other information technology related equipment.


The average pay for a data center technician is $51,565 per year in the United States, according to payscale. The median wage for those wanting to freelance is $21.82 per hour.  

The Role of Field Engineer

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