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When you are searching for jobs, you will find that most job adverts will specify that you need computer skills. Almost all businesses use computers in some capacity and it’s expected that applicants will have basic computer skills. Field engineer jobs also require more advanced computer skills and knowledge of specific pieces of software or devices. 

Many people struggle to get hired because they don’t understand what computer skills are, why they are important, and what computer skills to put on a resume for a field engineer job. This article will tell you everything that you need to know about computer skills so you can improve your chances of getting hired. 

What Are Computer Skills?

We all use computers but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the computer skills that employers are looking for. You may, for example, use a computer every day to check emails or go on social media, but those skills are not particularly useful in the workplace. So, what exactly are computer skills? 

Computer skills are broken down into two main categories; hardware and software.

Having hardware skills simply means being able to physically operate a computer. The most basic computer skills include simple things like turning the computer on and off correctly and finding specific files. However, some jobs may require more advanced hardware skills, like fixing broken devices or connecting computers to networks. 

Software skills allow you to use a range of different programs and applications on a computer. In many jobs, employers expect you to be able to use basic pieces of software, like word processing programs, for example. Certain jobs require knowledge of more advanced pieces of software that are not designed for general office use. 

Computer Skills That Will Help You Get Hired

There are a number of basic computer skills that employers expect, as well as some advanced skills that will improve your chances of getting hired. These are some of the most important computer skills for resume. 

Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of computer software and the majority of people are familiar with it in some way. The average person has the skills to create a simple word document, but having a more extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word will improve your chances of getting hired. Knowing how to do things like insert images and tables, create document templates and take advantage of the more complex features of Microsoft Word will set you apart from the competition. 


Creating spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel is a great computer skill to put on your resume. Spreadsheets are used widely in most office jobs and although a lot of people can input simple information, you will be a valuable candidate if you understand some of the more advanced functions. 


Microsoft Powerpoint is the standard for presentations in the business world and many employers consider it one of the basic computer skills that everybody should have. If you are able to demonstrate your presentation skills during an interview, this will boost your chances of getting hired. 

Job Specific Computer Skills 

As well as the basic computer skills that everybody is expected to have, there will be job specific computer skills that you need, and these will depend on the kind of field engineer job that you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a data services position, you will need advanced hardware skills and a knowledge of connected computers to networks. You will also need expertise in fixing broken hardware. If you are looking for a network security services position, a working knowledge of firewall software is vital. These job specific skills are the ones that you should highlight the most on your resume. 

Job Specific Computer Skills 

How To Add Computer Skills To Your Resume

Now that you know which computer skills to put on resume, you need to know how best to present them. The easiest way to ensure that the employer has a clear picture of your computer skills is to include a separate section for them on the resume. All resumes need a general skills section that includes soft skills, but if you are applying for a field engineer job, you need to highlight your computer skills in a section of their own because they are essential. 

The advanced computer skills that are listed in the job description should be at the top of the list as they are the most important. Underneath these skills, you should also include your basic computer skills, like Microsoft Word and Excel etc. 

Knowing which computer skills to put on your resume is vital if you want to improve your chances of landing an engineering position. As long as you follow the guidance in this article, you make sure that you have all of the necessary computer skills on your resume.

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