Cisco Engineer is a network architect who conceives and deploys computer networks which have been created using products from Cisco. Organizations and companies that want to develop large computer networks employ them. The primary tasks of these engineers are establishing networks, extending technical support, besides detecting and addressing persisting issues.

They work in a team to implement and help networks and end-users. It is, therefore, imperative, that they possess solid analytical skills along with competent communication skills.

CIsco Engineer Job Description

After architects create network designs, Cisco Engineers implement changes to their arrangement taking into account issues, such as traffic logjams, upgrading of essential infrastructure, troubleshooting issues inconveniencing customers, undertaking precautionary maintenance, etc.

Their role also includes managing firewall and other security mechanisms, maintaining and supporting routers and switches, making sure that all WAN/LAN circuits are operating at all times, securing Internet line and ensuring that is operational, configuring DNS Servers, creating exhaustive documentation of system configuration and processes.

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Cisco Engineers should always be on the lookout for options for improving processes and system automation, working with several teams to get back service in order quickly after an issue, designing and updating network diagrams, confirming networks which comply with all DoD regulations.

Providing training as and when needed, conducting regular audits, testing, and troubleshooting as per PCI and IT policies, and installing LAN software upgrades.

Educational qualifications and certifications for a Cisco Engineer

Ideally, they need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, though a high school degree might do for specific companies.

Besides, they would need to have a certification in CCNA, understanding of SD-WAN and reliable knowledge about Cisco Internetworks.

The employment outlook for Cisco Engineers

The future looks bright for network systems administrators, including Cisco engineers. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment is expected to rise in this field by 8% during 2014-2024.

Despite the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN) and automation, networking skills will still be in demand because it will not be possible to automate everything. Addressing issues and bugs through troubleshooting will continue to happen, and as the network’s size continues to increase, the requirement for network engineers will continue to rise.

Besides, aspiring Cisco Engineers would need to upskill themselves more quickly than they used to a decade ago. They would also be required to concentrate on particular skills, such as automation, security, cloud, analytics, and architecture, according to Cisco. Moreover, they would now need to understand programming and be well-versed with open source platforms.

CIsco Engineer Salary

According to, the average yearly salary of Cisco Network Engineers is $83,059 in the United States.

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