Certified Wireless Security Professional

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Certified Wireless Security Professional

Introduction to Certified Wireless Security Professional

The Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) is a professional wireless LAN certification that will help its candidates to evaluate a network’s susceptibility and foil attacks in advance. The individual conducts security audits for WLAN and deploys compliance monitoring solutions, acquires experience to establish Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WISPS), and learns how to design the security architecture of a network.

Only holders of Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certificates can apply for a CWSP certification course. They must take an exam of CWSP at a Pearson Vue Testing Center. CWSP credential is valid for three years. It trains candidates on how to identify attacks, policy, wireless analysis, monitor, and resolve issues.

How Appropriate is CWSP Certification for Telecom Professionals?

In the CWSP course, networking professionals learn the latest WLAN security and inspection techniques. Covered also in the course are the latest DoS tools and techniques and WLAN intrusion. It allows candidates to grasp the purpose of the modification of 802.11i to the 802.11 standards. The students also learn the internal functioning of each authentication process used with WLANs and every category and variety of available WLAN security solutions. CWSP covers the wireless network management systems and WISPS  extensively After completing the CWSP, the candidates will learn the required skills for deploying and managing wireless security in an organization by conceptualizing layer 2 and layer 3 software and solutions with tools from the leading players of the telecom industry. This course is specifically designed for professionals who work with wireless networks and are seeking to improve their knowledge.

Learnings of a Certified Wireless Security Professional

Those who complete the CSWP course will be able to comprehend the WLAN security technology and solutions in detail. Professionals will be able to deploy security policies and auditing practices of WLAN. In addition, they will know how WLAN mobile endpoints are secured, be able to delve into layer vulnerabilities, will be knowledgeable about authentication techniques, including WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise, will be able to handle and operate WLAN, will be able to implement WISPS, and acquire knowledge about the IEEE 802.11 Authentication and Key Management (AKM).

What Course is Required to Receive the Certification?

CWSPs should have an associate degree in information technology or a related discipline or high school pass outs with the relevant number of years of experience. They need to be well-versed with security, wireless technologies, and wireless applications. Professionals should be well-versed with layer 2 and 3 routing protocols. They should have knowledge of fundamental networking protocols, such as ARP, Ethernet, TCP/IP, and OSPF, among others.

CWSPs should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They should have solid analytical and problem-solving skills.

What Sort of Jobs Can you Get?

Experienced CWSPs implement security measures to protect WLAN networks of organizations from data thefts, hacking, viruses, etc. They can work as Network Security Engineers, Wireless Network Engineers, Wireless Security Consultants, Computer Network Support Specialists, and Wireless Security Engineers.  

They effectively thwart intrusions or precisely identify the presence of unauthorized access points. Professionals need to plan, design, and maintain a secure WLAN (WLAN) that will protect all computing systems connected to it.

Payscale reveals that Planet3 Certified Security Professional (CWSP) earn an average salary of $82,000 per year in the United States.  

Career Opportunities for Certified Wireless Security Professionals

Career Opportunities for Certified Wireless Security Professionals

Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) credential is rated among the top five wireless networking certifications by the businessnewsdaily. Job opportunities for information security analysts are expected to grow 28 percent during the period 2016-2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). They will be much sought after because they would be required to come with novel solutions to foil attempts of hackers from stealing crucial information or trouble computer networks.

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