Certified Data Recovery Professional

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The Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP) is responsible for recovering data from damaged or partially destroyed hard drives and removable media. The professional must be able to perform logical recovery on common operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The certified professional is responsible for taking care of the logical recoveries of disabled hard drives. They should try and avoid BIOS interrupts during the logical recovery. It is the Certified Data Recovery Professional who diagnosis the physical recovery of drivers. They have to compare the samples to live drives to identify the type of physical fault.

Certified Data Recovery Specialist should be well-versed with computer hardware, specifically hard drives and associated equipment. They have to take care of the computer hardware to fixing mechanical issues. The certified expert will perform low level forensics on multiple computer hardware storages. They should create data recovery plans for disaster recovery. The professional should identify the computer data that are either hidden or damaged.

Job Description

The primary task of the Certified Data Recovery Professional is to identify the damaged sectors and deal with them. The professional should also play an active role logical recovery of data from disabled hard drivers.  It is also their responsibility to take care of the reverse scanning.

The professional must be capable of using a variety of file format recognition tools.  They must identify the possibility of physical data recovery of hard drives. The certified expert should take charge of the hard disk replacements and compare the pre-recorded sound samples with that of live or performing drives.

Certified Data Recovery Professional should take care of the hard drive logic board replacements, repairs and component swaps. The professional is responsible for the hard drive dead assembly replacement.  They must be able to deal with the damaged sectors of hard drives and look into the hard disk reverse scanning and reverse imaging. The professional will ensure the recovery of data from Vista and deal with shadow file copies.

The professional must address the firmware issues and capture the SID protected folders. They must resolve the resolve driver or problems arising in Linux bootable disk. The professional must be able to recover the Linux Data and Mac OS X Data. The executive must utilize file format recognition tools.

It is their responsibility to analyze and diagnose the clicking noised in hard drives. They should take care of the head stack replacement in hard disks. The professional must look into the hard disk P-List and G-List recovery. They have to address and analyze any issues related to data loss. The professionals are capable of clearing passwords on a password protected the hard drive.

They should diagnose the physical recovery of drives and must have a proper understanding of how to unlock the actuator of a drive. The professional should take charge of the single and multi-platter swaps. They should be a part of the head assembly replacement.

They have to play an active role in updating the hard drive microcodes as well. The certified professional has to troubleshoot computer hardware issues and take care of the maintenance on desktops and servers. They should work in collaboration with other team members to identify security issues related to company data.

The certified expert should diagnose the Service Area (SA) of a drive. They review data structures with a Hex Editor. The professionals enable the solid state drive recovery and should perform RAID array, RAID 0 Recovery & RAID 5 Recovery.

Educational Qualifications

Educational Qualifications

A Certified Data Recovery Professional should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, information security or any related field. The organizations give the candidate with prior work experience more importance. They can also opt for a master’s degree with a specialization related to data recovery or hard drives.


Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP)

This certification provides the candidate with fundamental knowledge of data recovery. It makes them competent to handle any operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, and Linux. The individuals will be able to resolve any issues related to data recovery.


According to Indeed.com, on an average, the Certified Data Recovery Professional salary ranges from approximately $49,314 per year for IT Support to $85,897 per year for Data Center Technician.

Career Opportunities

The importance of data in today’s world pushing the organizations to professionals to keep it safe. Over the years, the number of job opportunities has increased making it extremely popular and competitive. Candidates who are looking for challenging, and rewarding work environment must give it a try.

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