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CCNP Cloud


CCNP Cloud (Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud) are experienced personnel who design, provision, automate and manage Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments. The professionals will have an in-depth understanding of the entry-level provisioning and support of Cisco cloud solutions. They can work with private, public and hybrid cloud models, and leverage inter cloud solutions.

The freelance CCNP professional will have an in-depth understanding of the Cisco ACI fundamentals. The freelance expert is responsible for integrating Cisco ACI with the VM managers and execute application policies. The Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud personnel assist in setting up the application programming interfaces (APIs), automation tools and orchestration. The freelance professionals offer technical assistance to extend Cisco ACI to external Layer 3 and Layer 4 connections. They configure Layer 4 to Layer 7 services.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the CCNP Cloud professional is to design the cloud storage. They play an active role in determining the methods to Access Storage and Storage Provisioning Methods for the Cloud Environment. It is the Cisco Certified Network Professional who interconnects the Private Clouds. The professionals have to come up with an appropriate solution to automate network services.

The Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud personnel will take care of the automation of the Hybrid Cloud Provisioning. They provide Hybrid Cloud

Solution and help connect to public clouds. The professionals have to put to practice the best methods for securing cloud infrastructure. They should take charge of developing a secure multitenant environment. The CCNP Cloud professional will set up the Hypervisor and provide details of the ecosystem as well. They must create workload mobility for the cloud and VM Lifecycle for the Cloud.

The CCNP Cloud professional must have a proper understanding of Cloud Physical Infrastructure, Cloud Virtual Infrastructure and Software Components. The professional must administer Computing Infrastructure and storage access on hosts. They must use Cisco UCS as a Cloud Compute Platform. They will resolve any issues related to compute infrastructure and cloud storage infrastructure.

Job Description & Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Cisco Certified Network Professional to implement both physical and virtual network for the cloud. The professionals will troubleshoot Cloud Network Infrastructure and Cloud Infrastructure. The Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud personnel has to describe cloud automation and management. They have to monitor the devices for a Cloud Tenant Using Cisco UCS Director.

The CCNP Cloud professional has to deploy the virtual port channels and understand the Cisco ACI Architecture. They have to implement the Cisco AVS and Inter-Tenant communication. The professionals have to convert the business requirements into Cisco Cloud automation designs. They are responsible for recommending the appropriate Cisco Cloud solutions, depending upon the wide range of products and technologies.

The professional must an in-depth understanding of Cloud and Automation. They have to utilize automation as a foundation of cloud design. The CCNP Cloud professional has to come with the suitable automation tasks to meet the requirements. They have to create Application and PaaS with the help of Stack Designer. It is the job of the Cisco Certified Network Professional to compare and contrast Private Cloud Integrated Infrastructures

Education Qualification & Additional Skills

The CCNP Cloud Professional must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics & Electrical or any other related field. The professionals with prior work experience have more chances to get hired quickly. Some employers are in search of candidates with a master’s degree or a specialization related to the cloud.

Useful Certification

Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud (CCNP Cloud)

The CCNP Cloud certification program is designed for candidates who want to work as Cloud engineers, Cloud Administrators, Cloud Designers, and Architects in Data Centers. The certification will provide the candidate the necessary skills to offer Inter-Cloud Solutions. It sets the foundation for designing and managing Cloud & Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments.  


The Indeed Salary Estimate states that on an average CCNP Cloud professional salary ranges from approximately $87,915 per year for Network Engineer to $118,477 per year for Cloud Engineer.

Advantages of Freelancing for this Career

Freelance Cisco Certified Network professional cloud will have the advantage to experiment and explore their skill sets.  Freelance professionals can expand their horizons in terms of versatility. They have the flexibility to choose work depending on the interest and benefits.

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