BICSI ITS Technician

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BICSI ITS Technician


BICSI Information Technology System Technician has excellent expertise in areas such as site surveys, blueprint reading, network infrastructure, and project management. The technician will have an in-depth understanding of specialized systems, advanced copper and optical fiber structured cabling systems. The professionals must have a good knowledge of copper splicing, testing, and troubleshooting. They must handle splicing, testing troubleshooting of optical fiber cable.

The Freelance BICSI ITS Technician should lead an installation group or team by using project management skills. They must conduct advanced testing and troubleshooting for copper and optical fiber installations. The freelance technician is responsible for examining numerous applications of ITS cabling installation. They must make suggesting taking into consideration the application codes, standards, and best practices. The freelance professionals must execute the job plan and understand the scope of work to perform retrofits and upgrades for existing infrastructure.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The BICSI ITS Technician must understand drawings, plans, and specifications. The technician has to look into the media selection and implications for implementation on the network. They have to keep track of the industry standards, best practices that result in uniform, durable and high-level system performance. The professionals are trained to implement industry codes and standards. They should have in-depth knowledge of vendor-neutral cabling systems, resulting in high-quality infrastructure installations.

The technician has to discuss the installation techniques to the RCDD/project manager’s requirements. They have to keep in mind to ease the administration for the end user. The BICSI ITS Technician keeps themselves updated with the installation techniques and connectivity solutions. They are evaluated on their ability to understand the entire scope of the project. The professionals must play an active role in the planning and execution of the installation process in compliance with industry standards.

The BICSI ITS Technician should have the ability to understand the blueprints. The technician has to implement a standards-compliant labeling scheme. The professionals must be able to resolve any issues related to the UTP link/channel with a certification test set. They will have to troubleshoot an optical fiber channel with an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR). The technician must have good knowledge of copper cable and various other types of fiber. The professionals must perform the site survey and create a job plan.

The BICSI ITS Technician is responsible for inventory job supplies and materials. The professional has to check and ensure that they comply with the site safety plan. They should conduct the labeling according to a labeling scheme. The technician has to lead the site survey and close out the job. It is the duty of the BICSI ITS Technician will have to build closets, telecom rooms, entrance facilities, equipment rooms, and data centers.

The Technician has to take care of grounding infrastructure, cable support systems. It is their responsibility to oversee the setting up of cable trays, ladder racks, and continuous cable support systems. They should handle the non-continuous cable supports, surface raceways, cut-in rings, and poke through.

Educational Qualification & Additional Skills

The BICSI ITS Technician should have completed higher secondary education. The professional must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, electronics & electrical or any other related field. Some organizations hire candidates with prior or relevant work experience, whereas other businesses opt for professionals with a master’s degree or any certain specialization.

The BICSI ITS Technician should be able to differentiate between different colors. The professionals must have the ability to finish fine motor tasks. They should be able to stand for extended periods and climb ladders. The professional must lift and carry items weighing 50lb.

Useful Certification

BICSI ITS Technician

The BICSI ITS Technician certification provides knowledge about transmission principles of copper cable, safety, and other industry practices. The certification teaches the professionals how to interpret drawings, plans, and other specifications. It will offer an in-depth understanding of upgrades for existing infrastructure.

The BICSI ITS Technician certification is designed for highly experienced ITS cabling installers, BICSI ITS 2 certified professionals, BICSI ITS Installer 2, ITS Installer 2, Copper and ITS Installer 2 and Optical Fiber credentials. The professional who is willing to sit for the ITS Technician exam should have at least three years of current and valid ITS industry installation experience. They must hold the ITS Installer 2 or both ITS Installer 2, Copper and ITS Installer 2, Optical Fiber credentials. The candidate who meets all the requirements, but does not have both the ITS Installer, Copper and Optical Fiber credentials have to apply for a one-time waiver and give the Technician exam. If the candidate does not clear the exam, then they will be required to have both the Copper and Optical Fiber credentials before they can retake the Technician exam.

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The Indeed Salary Estimate states that on an average BICSI ITS Technician salary ranges from approximately $16.32 per hour for Installation Technician to $58.40 per hour for Engineering Lead.

Job Outlook

The BISCI ITS Technician career prospects seem to be bright in the coming years. The professionals have great opportunities coming their way. With organizations investing in new technologies, the need for BICSI ITS Technician is only going to increase. They have to keep themselves updated with the latest developments to keep up with growing competition.

Advantages of Freelancing in this Career

Freelance BICSI ITS Technicians are in high demand. Freelance professionals will be able to take up work on a priority basis. They will go-site as and when required and resolve any issues related to it. Freelance professionals can earn on an hourly basis depending on the type of work.

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