AWS Certified Associate

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AWS Certified Associate

An AWS Certified Associate is a highly-trained Cloud-based IT professional who works as a consultant and architect in consulting, providing, and managing solutions based on the Amazon Web Services products. With a growing demand for Cloud-based software, storage, and networking, there also comes an increased demand for AWS Certified Associates who are crucial in implementing the solutions taking advantage of this technology.

Your role as an AWS Certified Associate can go in a wide range of directions, but here we’re going to look at the primary function you will likely perform, career options, pay, and how best to find the opportunities that build your career.

Job Description

Amazon Web Services are used to develop and provide Cloud-based solutions in networking, storage, and software, primarily for enterprise-level businesses. AWS Certified Associates primarily work in the solutions architect role. This means they are responsible for assessing the needs of clients and developing and deploying AWS-based solutions to meet them.

AWS Certified Associates most often work with application and service providers, designing and deploying Cloud-based solutions, primarily to Enterprise-level organizations where the need for accessible, convenient solutions across large networks is at its greatest. Associates may also find themselves in customer-facing roles, demonstrating the technical advantages of AWS services.

Your Chief Responsibilities as an AWS Foundation Engineer Can Include the Following

  • Defining and managing architectural models and roadmaps
  • Educating and advising customers and clients on the benefits of AWS solutions
  • Building and deploying applications, software and services based on AWS
  • Providing training to transfer knowledge on AWS solutions to customers
Job Description

Educational Requirements and Career Outlook

Apart from the essential certification to work as an AWS Certified Associate, a bachelor's degree in relevant fields of study like Computer Science, Information Technology, and Engineering is often required. Awareness of Cloud-related concepts, principles, and benefits is also highly valuable.

Besides working in a software architect role, an AWS Certified Associate can go on to a wide variety of roles. They can further specialize in AWS in fields such as security and big data. Some progress with a focus on managing and promoting Cloud-based services, becoming AWS Service Providers or consultants, as well.


Besides the certification necessary to become an AWS Certified Associate, there are other qualifications worth earning. These can help cement a niche with a highly competitive skillset or further demonstrate your expertise in all things AWS to your clients and customers:

  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified Security
  • AWS DevOps Engineer Professional
  • Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin (LFCS)


According to Indeed, an AWS Certified Associate will make an average of $141,348 per year as a Software Architect. Besides a full-time in-house career, freelancing is full of opportunities for high earnings with a growing client base ever looking for AWS experts.

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